SS Industrial Water Treatment Plant


An SS Industrial Water Treatment Plant is a water purification system used in industrial settings that utilizes stainless steel as the primary material for constructing the treatment plant's components. Stainless steel is chosen for its excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and hygienic properties, making it well-suited for industrial water treatment applications. As the name suggests, it is made up of Stainless Steel which is a great corrosion-free material.


Product Details:

The plant has an intake system that draws raw water from the source, which can be a natural water body, groundwater well, or municipal supply. Pre-treatment processes such as screening, sedimentation, and filtration are used to remove larger particles, suspended solids, and debris from the raw water before further treatment. Our product is widely used in Manufacturing Industries, Power Generation Plants, and Food and Beverage Industries. Ideas Engineering Works is an outstanding company based in Kolkata that manufactures, exports, supplies, and provides services of it across Asia and Gulf countries. 

  • Stainless steel of which the plant is made, is compatible with a wide range of chemicals used in water treatment processes, ensuring that the plant can handle diverse water sources and treatment chemicals.
  • It uses advanced technologies to purify water
  • The water undergoes sedimentation or clarification, allowing the flocs to settle and separate from the water.
Product/Service Name SS Industrial Water Treatment Plant
Brand Name Ideas Engineering Works
Plant Type Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs), Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP's), Demineralization (DM) Treatment Plants, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Treatment (Depends on the requirement)
Application Industrial, Commercial & Domestical
Installation Service Yes available
Water Source Any (Borewell, Municipal Water, Industrial Waste Water, Sewage Water and others)
Method used Depends on the Plant Type
Capacity Inlet Flow Rate 500 to 5000 LPH  (Depends on the project/clients requirement)
Materials Used Stainless Steel (SS)
Steel Grade SS304,306
Membrane Type FRP and Other Synthetic Materials
Power Source Electrical
Mounting Type Floor Mounted (Depends on the project requirement)
Finishing Type Polished
Voltage Required 240 to 380V
Type Of Control In switch/panel or equivalent system
Servicing and Maintenance  Yes Available (As Per project requirement condition)
Transportation Charges Depends on project location and requirement
Payment Modes NEFT, RTGS, Cheque, IMPS, Bank Transfer (Only in Banking modes)
Installation Period/Time Depends on project requirement and location
Main Domestic Markets All over India
Country Origin India
Export Areas Nepal, Bangladesh and other neighbor countries


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