Hardness Removal

Hardness removal is a water treatment process aimed at reducing the concentration of hardness-causing minerals, primarily calcium, and magnesium ions, from water. Hard water contains higher levels of these minerals, which can lead to several issues, including the formation of scale deposits, reduced soap efficiency, and potential damage to water-using appliances and plumbing systems. We do the Hardness Removal process with industry-leading technologies and with efficacy. It is required in Residential Water Softening, Industries, Agriculture, Irrigation, etc. Our hardness removal products are made up of FRP.

Hardness Removal is done best by Ideas Engineering Works’ technologies which is a Kolkata-based company that was founded in 2009. We manufacture, supply, export, and provide services for them across Asia and Gulf nations. We have served innumerable customers with our products and service and have received all positive feedback. All of our Hardness Removal services and products are cherished in the industry. 

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