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Water Treatment Plant | Industrial Wastewater Treatment System in Kolkata

Water treatment is considered to be a process that helps to improve the quality of water and thus, make it potable for better end use. Therefore, it can be identified that the end use can be anything ranging from drinking, industrial supply, irrigation, maintaining river flow and recreation of water.

The industrial wastewater treatment system is helpful to avoid the harming process of environment and human health. The treatment system is a process of handling individual technologies that deals with specific water treatment needs. The efficient and well-designed water treatment plants should be able to handle some of the following aspects.

  • The variation of process in contamination and flow.
  • Variation in the water chemistry needs and adjustments in the required chemical volumes.
  • The possible changes in the water effluent requirements.

What’s included in a basic wastewater treatment system ?

The exact components in the wastewater treatment system depends upon the wastewater characterisation which is related to the regulatory requirements which is discharged from the plant

Therefore, Ideas Engineering Works sets up basic water treatment system like

Waste Water Treatment Plant

The means of settling the suspended solids which are present at the result of treatment.

Chemical Feed:

This part particularly helps to facilitate the precipitation of any metal or solids that are suspended. There are other factors like that of flocculation and coagulation.


To remove the leftover and the traceable amount of suspended solids

Higher filtration

The means to remove the solids on the degree of removal that helps to pass the local discharge regulatory methods

Final adjustment of PH

This is also checked after any treatment is done

Control Panel

This is depended upon the level of automation required This is completely dependent upon the needs of the plant process and the treatment that is required for the plant process.

We also provide a range of customised services that can be considered as the key element of service which helps to stand out from the rest. Facilities to generate the biological demand like that of a treatment system that reduces the biochemical oxygen demand is to be discussed.

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Waste Water Treatment system

What does a wastewater treatment system typically remove?

The industrial wastewater treatment system is an ensemble of technologies which is required to remove a number of metals and non-metals that contaminate the water. These are the following factors that can be undertaken which ultimately is to be dissolved. They are

1. Biochemical oxygen demand

The biochemical oxygen demand refers to the amount of dissolved oxygen that is required by the aerobic biological organisms that helps to break down the organic matter into simple molecules. The high level of BOD indicates that an elevated and concentrated range of the biodegradable materials present in the wastewater is caused by the pollutants like that of the fecal waste.

2.Nitrates and phosphates

If the nitrates and phosphates are not removed from the water these nutrients are discharged into the water and lead to extended growth of weed and lead to eutrophication. Thus, this further leads to the deoxygenation of the body in water.

3. Pathogens

Pathogens are a group of bacteria, fungi and algae that might lead to all kinds of health issues. This includes acute sickness, severe digestive problems and death. Thus, it is important that all these factors are well treated.

4. Metals

The metals are mostly found in the wastewater as a result of industries, manufacturing processes, when it is left in high water concentrations. It can also cause high damage to the environment and human health.

5. Total suspended solids

The total suspended solids are the organic and inorganic waste materials that are suspended in the water. These are highly required to be treated in the best manner as they are not soluble in water. These solids are to be treated completely otherwise they might be considered to be one of the most stubborn solids that is required to be treated at the earliest as it might create adverse health issues for the individuals.

6.Total dissolved solids

The total dissolved solids are considered to be any of the anions, cations, metals and minerals that are basically found in the waste water. They cause problems with aquatic life and hence, these are to be treated in the best manner possible. Furthermore, Ideas Engineering is one of the most trusted organisations that is able to go ahead and serve the requirements of the people accordingly.

7.Synthetic chemicals

As the pesticides and other chemicals are made, it is important to know that they can be transmitted to humans on the basis of wastewater. This also causes strong damage to the environment and hence they affect our body function and control.

Sewage treatment plants

Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage treatment plants are highly imporprimary-secondary-tertiary-water-plant.jpgtant to clear the soluble and the insoluble solvents that makes the water impure therefore it is important that the sewage treatment plants are made in the most sophisticated manner to clear the sewage. The types of sewage water treatment plants that are available are -


The primary means is to go ahead and remove the sold materials and hence, make the water suitable for the end-user. This is an important part that aims to go ahead and take care of the overall treatment of the water and make it usable.


The bacterial decomposition is an important part that is required to be taken care of and hence, this would be highly helpful to make sure that all the bacterial inhibitions are removed from water and make it less pollutant and free from bacteria.


This is an advanced method that is to be applied in the treatment of the water plants. This can be considered to be one of the most important factors where the water is treated twice. Extra filtration process is well included and hence, this can be highly applied to make the water highly used for drinking and other sophisticated end uses.

wastewater treatment plant works

How does a wastewater treatment plant works ?

The special water treatment plants vary, but a common water treatment plant will have the same water treatment process. They are


Coagulation is a process that helps to remove solids in bulk with the help of chemicals being added. This is a process that starts off with an assortment of mixing one or two reactors and specific chemicals are added that would bring out the finer particles by combining them with the heavier materials that settle. The most widely used coagulates are aluminium based like that of alum and poly-aluminium chloride.


After the coagulation is completed, it can be identified that the water enters a flocculation chamber which is stirred with particles along with the long-chain polymers which creates particles that seem to be like flakes and hence, are sedimented accordingly.


The gravity settler is an important part that aims to settle a large circular device where the flocculated material and the water flows into the chamber both in and out. It allows the sedimented particles in the clarified bottom into a sludge blanket. The solids are then raked into the centre where a slow mixing takes place and the sludge is later pumped out into the sludge handling or the dewatering operation.


This step is generally he means of running the water into gravity sand filters. These filters are the large containers where two to four feet of sand is put with finely crushed silica and jagged edges. The water is then passed and the particles are trapped. In the smaller industrial systems, packed-bed pressure multimedia systems are to be used that helps to bring forward clear water. Furthermore, with dependence of water source, a green sand filter is also to be used that helps to make sure that the conventional water treatment is done through the process of sand filtration.


At times, this step is done upstream before the filtration process and is disinfected to keep the filters clean. This system is applied both before and after the filtration process. If this process is used before the filtration process, it would require more disinfectant. The disinfection is dependent upon the operation of the system whether the system is set up to chlorinate upstream or downstream.


If the wastewater is being used in an industrial process, it is important that it is pumped into a holding tank where it can be used on the basis of demands and facility. Furthermore, if there is the use of municipal corporations, the water is directly pumped into the distribution system of water towers where a range of collection and distribution devices loops in the city.

Types of wastewater treatment plant

Wastewater treatment plant is an important part that is to be applied in the organisation which ultimately helps to make sure that the best water treatment is provided in order to make the water perfect for the end-use process. Therefore, there lies various types of wastewater treatment plants. They are


The process of skimming, sedimentation and screening are used to remove the solid particles from the water. No chemicals are used in this process.


With the chemical treatment of wastewater, chemical reactants are used to break down the pollutants. It is an ideal procedure for the wastewater to remove the toxins using chemical reactors through pharmaceutical manufacturing, pump and laboratories


The biological treatment relies upon the bacteria, nematodes and small organisms to break down the organic waste using normal cellular processes. It contains organic matter like that of garbage waste, pathogens, heavy metals and toxins.

Water treatment plant for home

Water treatment plant for home

The water treatment plant for home has been one of the most important factors that would be helpful to deliver the best water for high-ends. The wastewater plant goes through a sequence of aeration, sedimentation and clear water removal where gravity is used to separate the waste water particles.

Rust water treatment plant

The rust water treatment is an important means where certain processes are used up to remove the rust from the water that makes it potable. The factors that can be undertaken are

  • Rust is removed by using softener
  • Addition of salt to the well waters that removes the iron
  • The combination of enhancement product with water softener is evaluated
  • Blue card electric fuse is to be used that helps to remove rust
  • Effluent water treatment plant also works as a rust water treatment plant

These are some of the effective means that can be analysed before the product is bought. Ideas Engineering works here goes ahead and makes sure that a range of services are provided that helps to make sure that the sophisticated means are applied to the treatment plant.

Water treatment plant jobs

We are also hiring for the manufacturing of a water treatment plant. We prefer joinee who have passed engineering in chemical, mechanical and instrumentation. Moreover, Industrial training skills would also be welcomed. So, come! Be a part and start your career growth with us today!


Ideas Engineering works are related to a long history of work and have been able to increase its customer base since its inception amidst all the harsh situations. You can directly contact us at our email address and we are just a call away. We can step ahead to serve you and let you know about the quote and make things easier for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Water treatment plant process

The water treatment plant process improves the quality of water to make it more appropriate for a specific end-use. The processes are
  • Coagulation
  • Sedimentation
  • Filtration
  • Disinfection
  • pH correction

All these are the basic processes that can be used to clean the water. It is important that the processes are well applied in order to clean water

Water treatment plant in kolkata

The water treatment plant in Kolkata is available and Ideas Engineering works is undertaken to be one of the most trusted organizations. It is so because it had been serving from a long time in the past and hence, the customer base also has been increasing.

Water treatment plant price

The price of the water treatment plant that has been levied by Ideas Engineering works is the most nominal pne. The price skimming process is used to improve the customer base and the products are affordable.

Water treatment plant steps

Water treatment is an inevitable process that helps to make sure that the impurities from the water are removed. All the impurities in the water are to be dissolved and hence, there are some of the steps that are to be carried forward in order to meet the same. The steps are
  • Screening
  • Aeration
  • Coagulation
  • Sedimentation
  • filtration

These are some of the steps that are to be fulfilled that help to improve the quality of water. The customisation in the form of water treatment can also be offered by Ideas Engineering works.

Water treatment plant working

The wastewater treatment plant goes ahead and cleans the sewage from water, it also undertakes the steps to clean the soluble and the insoluble materials from water. The wastewater treatment plants remove the solids and pollutants and help to restore the lost oxygen content of the water.

Rust water treatment plant

The rust water treatment is an important means where certain processes are used up to remove the rust from the water that makes it potable. The factors that can be undertaken are rust is removed by using softener.

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