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Ideas Engineering Works falls among one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Mobile Water Treatment Plant. Our Mobile RO Plant for Commercial use promises durability with proper quality. Apart from this, we ensure the quality of production with reduced energy consumption and enhanced efficiency. We promote higher quality products with reduced expenses and cost management.

We provide a guarantee of our product’s proper functioning for at least one year. We promise the product’s quality, performance, and longevity. The customer’s requested designs can also be engineered, designed, and implemented. We assure customer satisfaction and ensure production quality at all levels.

This is one of the nest manufacturers who has been manufacturing ETP Plant, STP plant, Packaged drinking water plant, Packaged mineral water plant , RO plant and Iron removal plant .the organisation has been manufacturing these plants so that the best quality of water is delivered to the people.

Processes in Mobile Treatment Plant

In a mobile water treatment plant, the majority of processes are carried out using both chemical and semi-membrane separation processes. Techniques implemented in these plants are:

1. Increasing the pressure on the saline or impure side of the membrane using a high-pressure pump.

2. Forcing the water through the semi-permeable membrane, so that it leaves behind almost all the dissolved salts and impurities.

A reverse osmosis plant may be used for desalination, wastewater treatment, removal of contaminants, and the reclamation of dissolved minerals.

Types of Mobile Treatment Plant

The steps of Sedimentation followed by Sand filtration, then Membrane and finally ion exchange are sequentially performed. Mobile Treatment Plants can be categorized depending on the process followed for water treatment and the type of water fed to be treated.

Mobile Reverse Osmosis Systems

Mobile reverse osmosis (RO) systems can be used to replace or modify primitive RO treatment systems. To provide high-quality water, fed water is pre-treated. Mobile RO systems consist of instruments like process pumps, valves, and controls.

Mobile Wastewater Treatment

Mobile wastewater treatment systematically treats the wastewater through biological methods and membranous bioreactors to obtain fresh water from the fed wastewater. Mobile RO systems consist of instruments like process pumps, valves, and controls.

Mobile Water Filtration System

Mobile Water Filtration System plant gives quick solutions for contaminated wastewater treatment. The unit consists of reverse osmosis (RO) technology and can be transported to the job site easily to produce high-quality water. The system has multiple applications.

Packaged Drinking Water Plant

Mobile Drinking Water Treatment

A mobile drinking water treatment system provides an effective solution in case of emergency water filtration requirements. The RO systems used in this unit produces high-quality permeate and is powerful enough to filter harmful microorganism, viruses, and bacteria like Cryptosporidium, Giardia and other suspended solids.

mobile drinking water treatment system

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Containerized / Mobile Reverse Osmosis Systems – Pure

Containerized / Mobile Reverse Osmosis Systems – Pure

Our promising employees are an integral part of our firm’s assets. They are sound with practical experience alongside theoretical knowledge of our machine’s working. We are famous for our Containerized / Mobile Reverse Osmosis Systems or Water Treatment Plant production at a larger scale. Apart from water and sewage treatment plants we also provide consultancy services.

We ensure waste management and utilization of one of the most important natural resources, which is water. These measures are necessary because of the shortage of pure groundwater available from natural resources.

Portable water treatment plant cost

We provide the most efficient portable reverse osmosis systems. These mobile water treatment plants ensure filtration with the least cost. Expenses are curtailed as we optimize production costs by merging the elements of utmost necessity. But the quality is never compromised as we provide only the best materials.

Containerized water treatment systems

These revolutionary industrial reverse osmosis systems are made to perfectly work at a lower span of space to provide optimum resource utilization. At the same time is ensures productivity. These portable reverse osmosis systems are of great durability.

Mobile water treatment systems

These plants can be carried from one place to another to provide efficient functioning and perfectly filtered water. The production costs are reduced as much as possible and the quality of the product is also kept in mind. We ensure customer satisfaction at all levels.

RO Water System Industrial

Being experienced for over decades in providing consultancy and manufacturing custom-engineered, high-quality filtration systems in the wastewater and sewage treatment business, we will acquaint you with the best possible services. We proudly equip you with reliable, easy-to-use, and efficient systems that promise to exceed your expectations.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

  • Pieces of equipment are completely configurable and automated turnkey
  • Completely assembled parts like piping, pump, wiring, filtration tanks, and others.
  • Devices to keep a note of internal heating or cooling, data tracking, and other sensitive factors.
  • Turnkey Project for chemical remediation for wastewater.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis System Diagram

Given below is the diagram of an industrial reverse osmosis system:

Industrial RO Plant Working

The steps involved in water filtration by reverse osmosis system are:

  • Removal of turbidity through a sand filter.
  • Disinfection of fed water by chlorination.
  • Softening of hard water.
  • Scaling inhibition.
  • De-chlorination
  • Lastly removal of suspended particles through cartridge filters.

Best Ro Plant

Ideas Engineering Works have deployed their time in serving their customers with the best quality of water treatment plants. We are thriving at a very fast pace towards achieving the goals of being the best RO plantmanufacturers. We also provide a wider range of other water and sewage treatment plants. Our wide range of products consists of the following :

  • Dialysis Unit
  • Double R.O Plant
  • Stainless Steel Mobile RO Plant
  • Reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Packaged Mineral Water Treatment
  • Mineral Water Treatment
  • Iron Removal Plant
  • Fluoride Removal Filter
  • Bottle Filling Machine
  • Lab For Drinking Water
  • ISI Standard Packaged Drinking Water
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Water Purifier Plant
  • Industrial RO Plant
  • Iron Removal Plant
  • Softener Plant
  • Jar Washing Machine
  • Auto Pet Blowing Machine
  • Semi Auto Pet Blowing Machine
  • Rinsing Filling Capping Machine
  • Wav Shrink Wrapping Machine
  • Batch Coding Machine
  • Jar Filling Machine
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • 250 LTR. Water Treatment RO Plant
  • Solar Operated Water Treatment Plant
  • Arsenic Removal Plant
  • Compact RO Plant
  • Industrial Compact RO Plant
  • Mobile RO Plant
  • Stainless Steel RO Plant
  • Softener Plant

RO Water Purifier For Factory

Best Commercial Water Purification in India

We keep notes of the cutting-edge technology and new research works in the field of RO plants and incorporate them into our manufactured products.

Efficient RO Plants

These systems have everything you need, starting from automatically cleaning up and reusing produced water, saving time, labor, and costs of water transportation.

Best Customer Services

Systems are available according to customer's requirements. Reduced capital investment that could fit into your operational budget.

Profitable RO Systems

The mobile water filtration systems are the comprehensive answer to compact filtration that is highly nimble, useful for multiple purposes, and profitable.

Unit Manufacture of RO Plants

Each unit is built and tested within our facility offering the highest level of quality and operation to ensure customer satisfaction

Ensured Customer Satisfaction

We partner with each of our customers throughout the process, starting from the initial testing phases through installation to ensure that our systems exceed expectations.

RO Plant System

We offer extensive efficacy gains with on-site operations and establish site preparedness. Higher maintenance and flexibility ensure the production is well off and within a moment’s notice.

These efficient models are built into our mobile reverse osmosis water treatment equipment so that they can be deployed over a wide area to support multiple sites.

On the other hand, you may be able to fit this filtration equipment into a reasonable operational budget. We also provide guarantees on our Produced Water Treatment Recovery Systems. The different types of RO Plant Systems are :

  • Desalination System
  • Brackish Water System
  • Water Treatment Plants

Mobilization and demobilization are fast-paced, easy to achieve and use, and efficient and have proven to be much more cost-effective than laying long pipelines to interconnect the network to filter wastewater.


We provide the best Mobile Water Treatment Plants, with promising performance, guarantee for at least a year. Here, you will get supreme quality mobile RO Plants for Commercial use at the lowest price and minimum transportation cost. Our highly experienced group of employees ensure power consumption management, expense management, as well as maintenance. We also provide efficient consultancy services for RO Water Treatment plant production businesses.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does RO plants do?

The process of reverse osmosis takes place in a RO Plant manufacture. The process of Reverse osmosis commonly purifies or desalinates contaminated water by forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane.

2. What is RO plant system?

RO plant systems work by forcing the water through a semi-permeable membrane to filter contaminated water. The water treatment plants use reverse osmosis treatments to make wastewater fit for use.

3. Why RO plant is required?

The alarming growth of water pollution and unavailability of pure drinking water has led to the increased need for water treatment plants. These plants are deployed to improve the quality of water to make them fit for multiple uses.

4. What is the difference between RO plant and DM plant?

A Reverse Osmosis System filters water by forcing the water through a semi-permeable membrane whereas Demineralization water treatment plants deploy ion-exchange techniques to remove mineral salts from water. The water thus produced, is free from dissolved minerals.

5. How much does a reverse osmosis plant cost? / What is RO cost?

We provide multiple types of Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant at the lowest expenses, approximately starting from Rs 80,000.

6. How much does RO system cost in India?

We aspire to manufacture and transport RO Plants not only in India but to all parts of the world. We ensure the cost-effective manufacture of RO Plants with reasonable transportation expenses. The prices vary according to necessities and other parameters. We would suggest you get the help of our customer care service for more details.

7. How can I start RO plant business?

Apart from manufacturing wider varieties of RO Plants, we also provide Consultancy services to help other businesses grow in the RO Plant production sector. We also provide ISI consultancy. Contact us for further details.

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