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Mineral Water Bottling Plant Manufacturer Buy & Setup in Kolkata, India, West Bengal

Ideas Engineering Works is among one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of Mineral Water Bottling Plant. Our Water Treatment Plants generally include RO Treatments for drinking water treatment for household and commercial use promising performance and durability with the best quality. Apart from this, we also ensure the quality of production of all our Plants and pieces of machinery with reduced energy consumption and enhanced efficiency.

Packaged Mineral Water Plant Mineral Water Plant

Full Automatic 3-in-1 Mineral Water Filling Plant – Mechanical

We have absolute belief in offering the best Mineral Water Plant manufactured by implementing the latest technologies. The mineral water bottling plant is designed to provide efficient performance in the filling, sealing, and, lastly labeling PET bottles that are used for deploying mineral water for mass consumption. The filling system is widely accepted in the industry for its no-spillage assured performance. Moreover, the magnetized capping heads assure trustworthy sealing of the bottles. Besides, our highly esteemed customers can get the plants from us at the best prices.

Bottle Rinsing Filling Capping Machine

Multiple grades of sand filtration are required to treat the raw water which is to be subjected to coarse filtration. The water is being passed through multiple grades through the sand filter, so as to get clarity in filtered water.

Mineral Water Bottling Machine

The activated carbon filter is also used in the machine. The filtered water is to be passed through this activated carbon filter for further de-chlorination.

High Productivity with a Water Bottling Plant

Antiscalant dosing is also essential so as to dose the water with anti-scaling technologies to remove scaling on the surface of the semi-permeable Reverse Osmosis Membrane.

Is the mineral water business profitable?

Mineral Water Business is considered to be profitable especially in countries India, because of the growing demand for pure drinking water. Someone doesn’t need to be an expert to have a prevalent knowledge about this. To make the Mineral Water Business profitable, one definitely needs to gather a perfect business strategy and plan suitable ideologies for their business. We sell Mineral Water Plants for businesses at the lowest price.

How to start a mineral water plant?

Firstly, one needs to gain greater knowledge about the market opportunity of mineral water plants. The licenses and registration are to be achieved compulsorily. This helps to improve the performance of mineral water plants, moreover implanting trust upon the customers. The reverse osmosis technique of water purification is to be applied to clean the fed water. We help businesses to understand the working principle of machinery products by providing consultancy services.

Is mineral water good for weight loss?

Mineral water is definitely good for our body as it energizes and cleanses the body by getting rid of all the toxins. Regular consumption generally increases the frequency of excretion by urination. This aids the body in getting rid of unwanted and excess fat and other substances. Regular consumption of mineral water daily helps in losing harmful substances from the body alongside losing weight.

What is the healthiest mineral water?

We provide the best grade of licensed Mineral Water Treatment Plants at the cheapest price. Our manufactured machines provide the healthiest mineral water. We have been able to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Our Mineral water treatment plants are equipped with mineral dosing systems. After purification through reverse osmosis, the permeate water is dosed with additional minerals, to enhance the quality of the water. Thus, improving the quality of the water produced.

Mineral Water Plant For Sale In Kolkata

We sell Mineral Water Plants for household as well as commercial sectors. This Mineral Water Plant Machinery purifies the fed water from a natural source or from the municipality to pass it through the semi-permeable membranes to purify it for mass Mineral water consumption. These purification systems are increasingly becoming popular nowadays among health-conscious consumers from all over the world.

What is the major difference between packaged drinking water and mineral water plants?

Mineral water is passed through the natural filtration process like sedimentation and coagulation, following which it is treated with compounds like Aluminium Sulphate or other sulfate minerals. Whereas, the packaged drinking water is filtered using chemical or biological techniques. The chemical treatment mostly involves passing the fed water to perform chlorination and the biological method involves passing the water through a semi-permeable membrane

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Packaged Mineral Water Plant in Kolkata

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Mineral Water Plant Machine

Mineral Water Bottling Plant Manufacturer for Surat

We provide the best quality of products by reducing and managing expenses. We provide a few year’s guarantees on our product’s proper functioning. We promise our product’s quality, performance, and longevity by making use of the best spare parts. We also manufacture customized or requested designs, by easily designing, and implementing them. We assure customer satisfaction at all levels by ensuring production quality.

Raw Water Feed Pump

  • The Manganese Dioxide chamber contains certain Resin which can efficiently remove Iron up to 15 ppm.
  • Reverse Osmosis Feed Water Pressurization comes into the scenario when the RO plant works on higher pressures because of its osmotic pressures. Because of this, forcing it through a high-pressure pump first forces the fed water for RO.
  • The filtered water will pass through an Ultra Violet System for efficient disinfection before filling water into the bottle.
  • Treated Water Tank gets used when the filtered water requires to be stored in the treated water storage tank.

Drinking Water Bottling Plant

Drinking Water Bottling Plant

Product Description

A Mineral Water Turnkey Project is one of a type that is constructed so that it can be sold to any customer as a complexly finished product. Catering to the diverse project requirements and demands of our clients, our company is positively involved in offering an extensive array of successfully launching these projects. This plant is available in our factory in various sizes and specifications. We are well known in the market due to our efficient functionality, best quality, and long working life.

Desalination By RO is done. In this case, the pressurized water from the high-pressure pump gets fed to the semi-permeable Membranes held in RO forcing tubes, generally, there will be a repulsion of the dissolved solid impurities and the permeate thus received will be obtained by having reduced dissolved solids.

Micron Filtration is carried out by bypassing the water from the above unit through a cartridge filter. This is to be passed to assemble with cartridges having a thickness of a few microns with a nominal rating. This has been implemented to carry out fine filtration before forcing the water through the RO Membranes. This helps to avoid choking the membranes through the accumulated impurities.

Water Treatment Bottling Plants Manufacturer for Surat

A Standard Mineral Water Treatment Plant producing 1000 liters per hour filtered by Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant by us is a Class Product with high-end combinations of quality, design, and technical aspects. This model is designed to provide High Recovery, longer life, stable and easy operation, and better high-end efficiency.

What are the requirements for a mineral water plant?

Documents required to set up mineral water plant are:

  • Required to obtain registration entity for plant set-up.
  • Required to obtain registration for small-scale industries.
  • Required to obtain ISI certification from Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS)
  • Required to obtain a pollution control certificate.
  • Required to achieve a water test report from an authorized raw water testing laboratory.
  • Required to obtain pest control certification.

1000 Liter Mineral Water Plant Cost

  • Provides a higher degree of recovery for the contaminated water.
  • Saves several liters of wastewater every year.
  • Absolutely automatic operation of plant through microcontrollers.
  • Efficient and compact designs of the wheels to provide mobility.
  • Proficiently low maintenance cost.
  • Proficiently low operation cost.

What is the purpose of a water treatment plant?

  • Useful for Household, Commercial, and Industrial Sector.
  • Profitable for Water Distribution Business.
  • Efficient and easy for Community Water Producing Systems.
  • Perfectly processes the water for Industries.
  • Beneficial and cost-efficient for Restaurants and Hotels.
  • Beneficial and cost-efficient for Schools and Colleges.
  • Suitable for Public Utility Spaces.
  • Effective for Water Vending Business.

No.1 Mineral Water Bottling Plant Manufacturer in India

Mineral Water Plant, Water Treatment Plant Online at Best Price in India

Water Purification is done through Reverse Osmosis Process. Our pieces of machinery are provided with different grades of automation, like, Automatic, Semi-Automatic, or Manual. We necessarily provide a warranty of at least a year on all our products. We also provide the required installation facilities done by our experienced civil workers. We provide customized products as well, to fit the customer's specific needs and fulfill their demands. The machines are driven by electricity.

Which mineral water bottling plant is the best?

With the decrease in the availability of natural and pure drinking water, the demand for deploying a mineral water plant in India is increasing every year. This is why business persons who desire to set up a Mineral Water Plant will assuredly get a huge amount of profitable income returns. This happens only if one makes insightful and extensive research and has a positively approachable business plan. Apart from this, they will also need to make an investment of certain reasonable amounts of money for small or big water treatment plants.

Turnkey Mineral Water Plant

It has often been observed that people are majorly confused and lack the concept about the licenses required for starting a particular water treatment business, this major drawback might as well lead to the businesses ending up with a failure. This is why, to ensure that our customers don’t lack anything, we have designed our Consultancy Services in such a way so as to provide our customers with the utmost essential aspects for starting a mineral water plant in India or any other place in the world.

Who are the top 3 manufacturers of bottled water?

We at Ideas Engineering Works, want all our highly esteemed customers to continue until the end so that they don’t miss out on any important details. Therefore, we aid all our Customers with Consultancy Services so that they can achieve the best output by investing the least input.

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Mineral water bottling plant at Silent Valley shut down

Mineral water bottling plant at Silent Valley shut down
Water Purification Process Reverse Osmosis
Automation Grade Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual
Warranty Minimum 1 year
Installation/Civil Work Installation Available
Customization Yes
Driven Type Electric
Project Duration 4-5 months
Type of Service Provider Individual Consultant
Mode of Service Offline
Material Of Construction Stainless Steel
Brand Name Ideas Engineering Works
Capacity As per customer’s demand
Country of Origin Made in India
Capping Head Averagely 16
Filling Head At the most 60

Features :

  • 1. Simple to operate with an efficient control system.
  • 2. We make use of power-saving types of equipment.
  • 3. Superiorly built on stainless steel spare parts.
  • 4. High efficiency in rejecting percentages of harmful substances.
  • 5. Comparatively higher recovery rates.
  • 6. Better and durable designs to provide a longer life term.
  • 7. Filtration is done in a two-stage system for better recovery.
  • 8. Features are enhanced by providing mobility to operate the plant.
  • 9. Automatized backwash & rinse maintenance.
Packaged Mineral Water Plant ETP Plant in Kolkata

Effluent Treatment Plant in Kolkata

20 Ltr Jar Mineral Water Plant Cost

We provide clean and pure drinking for everybody which is the right of all consumers. There is a massive need to keep all the water resources clean. Our Government is also trying really hard to deploy water treatment and management. This can only be achieved when each person comes forward in support of this great initiative. Saving water will promisingly save several lives.

Mineral Water Plant In Kolkata

  • We are one of the best Mineral Water Plant manufacturers in India, based in West Bengal.
  • We are committed to providing the highest quality of water treatment services
  • We deliver the best sort of customer service which sets a higher standard for the industry.
  • We assure our customers to meet all their needs and fulfill all their requirements.
  • We provide solutions that meet any water treatment system as per the need of our users, we are committed to providing a wide range of solutions.
  • We work with our customer's hand in hand completing each step of the way to develop tactful alternatives and identify a highly competent and cost-effective option.
Iron Removal Plant in Kolkata

Iron Removal Plant

Fully Automatic Water Bottling Plant Price In India

Set up Mineral water plant - Low mineral water plant cost

Our company is a leading manufacturer in the industry for offering a wide range of household and commercial RO plants in India. We are producers, exporters, and transporter of industrial reverse osmosis systems throughout the world. The main goal associated, is to give the best quality of commercial RO systems to our customers. This machine can be connected with our others machines to form the water filling machine and packaging machinery production line.

Water Bottling Plant in India

The bottling plants are equipped with pieces of machinery like air conveyor, rinsing, filling & capping machine, outfeed conveyor, checking station, label placing machine, shrink wrap applicator, web covering with shrink wrap, and others. The working speed of the machine is very high and feasibly designed as per the customer’s need. This system is developed by our highly experienced team of employees using the best quality of raw material.

Water Plant Machinery

One of the main components is the residual water to be fed in the plants, which is taken through their efficient water purification system to be filtered and converted into mineral water. This mineral water is then packaged into PET bottles of different sizes, shapes, and volumes. The final steps are putting labels on the bottles and packing them with shrink wrap.

Shop Advanced fully automatic water bottling plant

The bottle filling machine is equipped with machines for rinsing-filling-capping all together, within a single unit. Our water filling machine adapts according to the customer’s design. It permits the machine to fill different types of bottles. It is mostly used as a mineral water filling machine. Moreover, it can also be used to fill PET containers with contents like fruit juice and tea having a higher temperature, simply by changing the valve.

Mineral Water Plant Equipped With Fully Automatic Rotary Pet Bottle Rinser

Rinsing, Filling and Capping System consists of a stainless steel main structure, air conveyor, unit for bottle rinsing, unit for bottle filling, unit for bottle capping, vibrator bowl for capping with a transfer system, certain plate, specific product transmission belt with securable guide, secure acrylic cover, water storage tank, alternating current drive, the motor with gearbox, electrical board, and lastly a programmable logic circuit.

Mineral Water Bottling Plant Manufacturers In India

Sadly required amount of safe potable water is not available in most of the places in the country. Moreover, harmful chemical compounds are found on the layers of earth that enter into the water system or may get contaminated by harmful pathogenic micro-organisms. On consumption of such contaminated water, our bodies might suffer from dangerous water-borne diseases.

Mineral Water Bottling Plant For Sale

Water Plant Cost In Kolkata

We also transport all our manufactured plants at the cheapest rate in all parts of the World. The expenses of transportation are assured to be lesser than any other manufacturing Industry. We also provide the best price range over all types of water treatment plants which is also the lowest price that provides the best possible filtration. We also provide perfect design without compromising on quality and design parameters even after reducing the cost.

Additional Benefits:

  • Minimum one-year complete warranty and service contract provided for all grades of pieces of machinery.
  • We provide free installation services.
  • We provide free commissioning.
  • We provide free training and consultancy services.
  • We provide free site supervision visited by well-experienced employees.
  • We ensure complete customer satisfaction by deploying efficiently workable units.
  • We manufacture our machines using the best grade of spare parts.

This model features a completely automized microprocessor-controlled monitor or panel and we provide many more such additional features.

Mineral Water Bottle Plant Project Report

Packaged Drinking Water Mineral Water

The water available from sources without being treated, such as well, boreholes and springs are naturally not hygienic or safe for consumption as it contains a lot of mixed contaminants. Hence, it is desirable and important to purify the water and filter them under hygienic conditions to make it fit for human consumption purposes, such does the name suggests. The mineral water is the purified water that meets the needs of containing the requisite amounts of desired minerals such as barium, iron, manganese, and others which are readily absorbed by the human body.

How to Start Mineral Water Production Business?

Raw water to be processed is collected in collection tanks. Generally, a known quantity of the water is pumped into the treatment tanks where the water is dozed with a calculated amount of alum for coagulation with the heavy metal ions or insoluble matters. The coagulated water is allowed to settle for an hour afterward. These impurities can be removed by reserved osmosis techniques. The supernatant coagulant-free water is taken to the chlorination tank to perform the primary disinfection, which is brought about by bubbling the water with chlorine gas.

Mineral Water Plant Setup

Mineral Water Plant contains several parts and sub-pieces of machinery. The chlorinated water is passed through sand filters for trapping of the undissolved impurities in the next step. The water acquired after sand filtration is forced through carbon filters for odor removal, color removal, and de-chlorination as well. This water is then moved through a series of semi-permeable micro fillers containing for performing reverse osmosis. The width of the membranes varies along with the range of a few microns in the filter, this step is followed by an ultraviolet disinfection system for ultimate disinfection of harmful substances from the water.

Small Scale Water Bottling Plant Cost In India

Shop Advanced small water bottling plant

  • Efficient and safe low voltage cut-off.
  • Efficient and safe ampere cut off.
  • Automatic flushing operations like start, stop, and other intermediate functions of the Membranes.
  • Sensor at the raw water tank to avoid water wastage.
  • Sensor at the treated water tank to enhance utilization.
  • Smart display for reporting errors of the plant on the panel.

Small Scale Bottled Water Production Line

  • Steps are taken for quality protection of the treated water.
  • Level sensor to avoid wastage from the dosing tank.
  • Efficient low-pressure sensor which works best for our machines.
  • Flow sensors to protect the contents of the permeate water and rejected water.
  • Automatic valves having multiple ports for sand filters and carbon filters.
  • Automatic cleaning disc for the filters.
  • Completely automatic control panel based on microcontrollers which are suitable for remote monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a mineral water plant cost?

To get more details about our quotations, contact our customer care departments. We promise to provide the best grade of machines at the lowest prices. We ensure absolute customer satisfaction by taking their precious suggestions in developing each step of the machine. We transport our machines to all parts of the world taking the lowest transportation expenses.

2. What is the cost of a water bottling plant in India?

The mineral water plant’s expenses completely depend upon the spare parts or pieces of machinery that the customers want to use or deploy. The use of the correct principles and required amount of minerals are directly proportional to the prices or charges of the mineral water plant.

3. Is mineral water plant profitable?

Mineral Water Plant establishments can earn a greater deal of profit if they gain a distant vision alongside keeping complete knowledge about all the requirements for the plants. We provide consultancy services to other industries to help them gain a greater profit margin.

4. How do you manufacture mineral water?

Mineral water is obtained either from natural resources like springs, rivers, and drilled wells or it can also be artificially prepared by mixing and treating water with required mineral compounds and salts. The mineral water is to be manufactured and packed under efficient hygienic conditions coupled with properly washed and cleaned bottles under sterilized conditions.

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