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FRP Vessel Tank Manufacturer From Kolkata, West Bengal, India

FRP, also known as Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics, also termed as GRP which is the short-form for Glass Reinforced Plastic is a recently developed latest technology that forms a composite material used in the construction of water treatment or chemical plant spare parts like tanks and vessels. Larger treatment plants that range in the size of around some meters are put together or fabricated using FRP as the raw material for the construction of the spare parts.

FRP Vessel Tank Manufacturer From Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers In West Bengal

We provide a wider range of water treatment plants like Double Pass Ro Treatment Plants, Arsenic Removal Plants, Iron Removal Plants, PET Bottle Blowing Machines and a whole lot of other machines in related departments.

Pressure Vessel

All our product range requires the least maintenance expenses and consists of extraordinary strength. We offer all our machines having varied configurations and are used in multiple types of industrial and commercial sectors.

FRP Pressure Vessel Manufacturers

The most important advantage of FRP over other building materials is that it is immune to the majority of the chemical, the produced FRP vessels are majorly used for several kinds of Water Treatment Machineries. Our manufacturing company also produces customized vessels to meet the requirement of the customers.

What does FRP mean?

Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP), which is also termed Fibre-reinforced plastic as well, is a composite substance made of a polymer mixture coupled with fibers. The fibers involved are generally glass, carbon, or other similar compounds. Our manufactured products are of the highest quality, durable, and very efficient.

Why is FRP used?

There are certain added advantages with FRP because of its excellent resistance towards damage and corrosion and most importantly chemical reactions, FRP is vastly used in water treatment and the chemical industry to enable the construction of spare parts like pipes and chemical storage vessels, or other such applications.

What is the full name FRP?

Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) is also termed as fiber-reinforced polymer, sometimes as fiber-reinforced plastic as well. It is a combined material prepared by making use of a polymer matrix further added with other fibers to enhance the material’s performance.

FRP Vessel Pressure Manufacturer From Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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FRP Vessel In Kolkata - Manufacturers And Suppliers India

FRP Vessel In Kolkata - Manufacturers And Suppliers India

Ideas Engineering Works is termed as the reliable Manufacturers and Supplier of high-grade FRP Vessels in India. Enabling the latest technology, the FRP Vessels are constructed by making use of filter cartridges, filtering units, and tubular sheets to put on cartridges.

These FRP Vessels have been considered to be of a very high grade by considering their performance and long-lasting nature or durability. Our products highlight durable and reliable performance by having perfect output or finishing standards. The capacity of the cartridge filtration system varies in diameter and the cartridges are generally available in numerous specifications or as per the customer’s demand.

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What are GRP and FRP pipes?

GRP Pipes and FRP pipes are extensively used in several industries like the water treatment industry, fiberglass pipe industry. Glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) are a composite raw material prepared out of a polymer matrix additionally mixed with fibers.

Is FRP safe?

The industries that use FRP-built materials are widely considered to be safe. In an industry-based containing application usage, FRP material is preferably considered to be a safe building material as compared to substances like asbestos. FRP has been found to have low toxicity and is naturally more environmentally friendly.

Where is FRP used?

FRP is majorly used as a building material in several industries like automotive, mining, marine, oil, gas, drinking water and wastewater treatment plants, power plants, and construction-related industries.

Fibroplastichem: FRP Pressure Vessel | FRP Poles | FRP Pipe

We make products out of Fibro Plastichem at the best price in India. We are widely loved by all our customers because of the quality of our products and our most efficient customer care services. We are chosen by all our customers for all kinds of FRP industry-related types of equipment. These produced Pressure Vessels are highly efficient to the damage being effectively corrosion resistant.

Salient Features

  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • High ratio of strength to weight
  • Provides relatively high dimensional stability
  • High-grade insulation is provided
  • Has very lightweight
  • We provide easy installation
  • Equipped with a lesser number of joints
  • Requires minimum slime build-up
  • Requires relatively low maintenance cost
Reverse Osmosis Single & Double Pass Systems Packaged Drinking Water Treatment Plant

FRP Vessel - Kolkata - Reverse Osmosis Plant

We can proudly introduce ourselves as the most efficient manufacturer and supplier of several types of water and sewage treatment plants like Domestic RO Water Purifier, RO Water Purification Plants, Arsenic Removal Plants, Industrial RO Water Purifier, and Iron Removal Plant and, Water Softening Plants.

All our products are made from only the best quality of raw materials like FRP, PET, Stainless Steel, resins, activated carbon, semi-permeable membranes, high power cartridge, and several other materials, these are manufactured by perfectly following the set standard norms at our manufacturing factory.

All our products are offered in the market in different models, sizes, and technical specifications so that customers are provided with several options and buy the perfect plant as per their utility and requirements. The high-quality water purifier and softener plants that we offer are well-famed for their perfect results, which ensures improving the taste of water, requires easy and simple operations, needs low maintenance cost, and provides high durability.

Stainless Steel Reverse Osmosis Plants that we manufacture, provides the finest quality and pure water for a wider range of applications. The treated water is perfectly suitable for human in-take and also for utilization in medical fields.

FRP Vessels - Fiber Reinforced Plastic Vessels Latest Price

FRP Vessels Cost

FRP Vessels Price

Brand Ideas Engineering Works
Shape Vertical
Material FRP
Storage Material Water, Waste, Chemicals, Oils
Wall Thickness 2-4 mm

Product Features

  • Has a capacity of about 2000 Gallons
  • Provides extensively outstanding performance
  • Gives smooth and long durability
  • Can withstand the highly reactive chemical environment
  • Completely corrosion resistant
  • Require relatively minimum maintenance

Salient Features

  • Provides longevity
  • Free of maintenance expenses
  • Provides wider grade of versatility
  • Has a lightweight and provides easy installation
  • Relatively corrosion resistant
  • Highly economical and efficient
  • High tensility or bending strength

FRP Vessal - RO FRP Vessel Manufacturer From Ahmedabad

Water Treatment Plants can be installed both in domestic as well as commercial sectors. Domestic RO plants are used in several households to produce drinking water treatment. Similarly, there are RO machines prepared for industrial water treatment purposes. The technology being used in Industrial Water Treatment Plants is Reverse Osmosis through a semi-permeable membrane having minute pores.

Reverse Osmosis is a highly advanced technology utilized largely in water treatment technologies and is widely used worldwide. This membrane separates all the unwanted impurities substances including ions, molecules, and other waste products from the fed water, and finally provide safe drinking water as the outcome.

Application of GRP Poles

Can be used in several poles as a raw material:

  • Lighting in the road and other places
  • Near coastal zones
  • Used in solar lighting systems
  • Usable in discharge areas
  • Lighting in posts
  • Chemical treatment plants

After producing the desirable softened water, the resin is again regenerated to promote reusability with Sodium Chloride (NaCl) solution. After this process, the unit is prepared again to deliver the next batch of soft water.

FRP Tank Manufacturers Square And Rectangle Shape India

We produce the best quality of Reverse Osmosis Plants which suitably meets the needs of customers. Our plants are easy to operate and maintain. While designing the plants, we take care of a multitude of factors like the quality of the fed water and its source and the application of the treated water.

Ro Plant Manufacturer In Kolkata

Reverse osmosis plants are widely used for their efficient and simple operation. These machines are suitably designed to tolerate and work with variable quality of the fed water. These systems provide the necessary quality of water that is clean of all types of contaminants and impurities.

Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers In West Bengal

Industrial Water Treatment Plants are of utmost importance in the present scenario of the water crisis in the world, these are used in several types of industries to treat polluted water. Discussing Reverse Osmosis Plants, they are used in several industrial and household sectors.

FRP Tanks Manufacturers In Gujarat India

We manufacture FRP Vessels and transport them to all parts of India. These plants, in addition to being made of fine fibers, the burning of FRP releases a relatively large amount of carbon dioxide, harmful gasses like carbon monoxide, soot, and several other kinds of chemical components having similar structures as that of monomers of the similar polymeric matrix. We are also one of the leading industries in producing FRP Pressure Vessels in India.

Are FRP panels toxic?

FRP is not harmful to be used in industries as they do not react efficiently with chemicals. But, these fibers render similar threats to environmental health similar to that of asbestos.

FRP Pressure Vessel

We are a manufacturer of FRP Pressure Vessel also known as Fibroplastichem. Being the best company deployed in this field promising best quality of delivery. We work by keeping in mind the latest and newly developed industry types of equipment that might be needed.

FRP Vessels in Kolkata

Our company is established in the prime location of Sonarpur, Kolkata, India, our company has been dedicatedly fulfilling the water purification and filtration needs of a large number of consumers.

Frp Filter Vessel Price List - Frp Vessel Manufacturing Process

FRP Vessel Standard Size

Our company is very well famed for providing the best category of FRP Vessel to the customers. These products are highly demanded in several household residents and lightweight industrial or commercial water softening and filtering plants. FRP Vessels are efficiently manufactured by our company using only the best quality of raw materials having the support of modern and advanced technology in addition to the norms set by the industry.

Customer Demands:

  • Extensive physical shear strength
  • Perfectly built following advanced technological tactics
  • Durable and provides a very long service life

Product Features:

  • Can have a capacity of up to about 2000 Litres or even more as per customer’s specifications
  • Provides outstanding performance
  • Promisingly long durability
  • Ability to withstand the relatively harsh chemically reactive environment
  • Completely corrosion resistant
  • Works requiring minimum maintenance
  • All our devices are backed with at least one year warranty

Frp Storage Tank Manufacturers, Suppliers, Size List

FRP Vessel Size Chart

Here’s a list of all the different sizes of FRP vessels available from our manufacturing industry. We also provide vessels based on customer’s specifications.

Vessel Model (Diameter × Length in inches) Volume (in Litres)
844 844
1054 63
1248 89
1354 105
1465 150
1665 182
1865 236
2162 330
2472 450
3072 708
3672 999
4272 -
4872 -

Frp Filter Vessel Price List

To get further details about our products to contact our Customer Care Executive now! +919038090600

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The final product after assembling our machine is installed and the whole process is supervised by highly qualified and experienced employees who check and monitor all the steps at every stage of manufacture, only to ensure production of the best quality machines. Infrastructure, construction methods, and technology tools of only the highest standards complete all the requirements for achieving high productivity and ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

FRP Vessel Manufacturer for Ahmedabad

We manufacture and transport FRP vessels to any part of the world at the lowest expense. The FRP Pressure Vessels are built to withstand very high pressure and simultaneously provide high performance since they are built with composite material having perfect tensile strength. All Pressure Vessels are absolutely corrosion free having Thermoplastics Liners made up of Polyester as the raw material. All these products are perfectly certified.

Frp Vessel Full Form - Frp Fish Farming Tank

FRP Vessel Manufacturing Process

FRP stands for Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics which is also widely known as Glass Reinforced Plastics, long-form for GRP. This is a raw material widely being used nowadays for the production of tanks and vessels which can be utilized in chemical production plants or water treatment plants. The basic method of construction involves the filament winding technique.

FRP (short form for Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic, also termed as GRP, short form for Glass Reinforced Plastic) is a newly developed composite technology or material widely used for construction of containing vessels for the chemical plant as their equipment like tanks and vessels. Chemical equipment that ranges about size ranging less than a metre to a few metres is put together using FRP as a raw material for construction.

Our complete product range needs minimum maintenance and has exceptionally greater strength in performance. We offer them in wide and varied grades and are used in several outstanding industrial and commercial sectors. These are immune to most chemicals. Because of its huge chemical resistance, FRP vessels can be used generally for all kinds of Water Treatment Plant. Our company also customizes these vessels as per the requirement of the customers.

Top FRP Vessel Exporters for Barasat, Kolkata

FRP Vessel Manufacturer In Kolkata

Ideas Engineering Works expertise in uniquely fabricating and designing a better quality of FRP Vessel within an assured range, which are perfect for residential and industrial water treatment utilization that needs ease of operation without leakage. Moreover, these vessels are manufactured with proper chemical-resistant raw materials. Additionally, these are vessels that are easy to handle and install. Plus, these are available with internal PE lining, and FRP vessels are provided to our customers in different capacities and have different top and bottom opening sizes.

FRP Vessel For Water Treatment

FRP Pressure Vessels are specifically an ideal choice for household and light industrial water treatment applications which require flexibility in functionality. They are easy to work with and install and are manufactured in polyester or chemical-resistant materials following all types of construction norms and the construction is done depending on the user’s needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is FRP Pressure Vessel?

FRP Pressure Vessels are the best option for household and other commercial water treatment applications which necessarily need flexible containers. These vessels are easy to work with and install and are available in different sizes. These containers are extensively polyester or chemical-resistant and are also used for vinyl ester construction depending on the customer’s needs.

2. How Are FRP Tanks Made?

FRP Vessels or pieces of equipment are made generally by Hand Lay-up and filament winding processes. Because of its corrosion-resistant nature, among all other materials, FRP is used so that the tank can be produced completely by comprising of the composite, or a second phase liner system can also be used

3. What Is the Difference Between Tank And Vessel?

The major difference between a tank and a vessel lies in the fact that pressure vessels are generally used to contain liquids or liquefied gases or gasses having a pressure greater than the general atmospheric pressure. Whereas, the storage tanks are majorly used to store either liquids or liquefied gases or gases under normal atmospheric pressure.

4. What Does FRP Tank Do?

FRP tanks and vessels or other containers are widely designed taking into consideration several norms, and these vessels are widely used in the chemical industry in the sectors like that of manufacturing Chlor-alkali, necessities like fertilizer, wood pulp for paper production, metal extraction from ores, and other compounds containing the minerals, refining of crude oil and other similar products, electroplating of metallic substances, brine solution, food processing, vinegar, and also in air pollution control devices, vastly at municipal waste management departments.

5. What Does FRP Filter Mean?

FRP also termed Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics, which has also been given the name of GRP which is the short form for Glass Reinforced Plastics is the latest developed technology made up of composite materials which are widely used for the construction of chemical plant equipment like tanks and vessels. These chemical-containing equipment ranges in the size from less than a meter to 30 meters are created using FRP as the raw material for construction.

5. How Long Do FRP Tanks Last?

Generally, an FRP vessel can last for a very long period because of its very high resistance to corrosion and other types of stability factors. Hence, FRP products are expected to last up to at least 25 years.

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