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Effluent Treatment & Wastewater Treatment Plant in Surat

Ideas Engineering Works supplies ETPs all over the country. The main office is located at Kolkata. ETP stands for Effluent Treatment Plant. It is considered as a thoughtful,planned way to clean and treat modern wastewater for reuse or safer disposal. With the help of ETP, the climate is very much taken into account. It always make sure that the water in the tank is clean. And also check with the time it is released and refilled. It will help to ensure a very good maintenance of the climate.

Significance of Effluent Treatment Plant: Effluent Treatment Plant is useful to treat the waste water from the businesses. The ETP is utilized to treat huge amounts of water at a time. Therefore it is very much beneficial for industrial purposes.The significance of ETP is –

  • It helps to decrease the off-site treatment cost.
  • In this treatment process the unnecessary elements in the water are completely eradicated.
  • The contaminations of public water bodies is eliminated.
  • It is the best method for industrial usage. ETP is attempted to be a very popular technique and in this way it tends to be used without any problems. Water treatment is carried out in the best way and therefore also contributes to climate management. ETP plants, unlike STP plants, are mounted only in urban and metropolitan regions so that the water in there is treated all around.

Significance of WWTP

The productive and very much planned wastewater treatment plants oughthave very much versatile benefits. Such as –

  • The variety of processes to treat sewage and contamination in the water.
  • According to the harmful components and the volume of those, the process is changed.
  • With effluent treatment a huge amount of water can be treated at a very short period of time. The specific parts in the wastewater treatment framework depends upon the wastewater characterization. The characterization is based upon the source of the wastewater. The Administration Department of the plant takes care it. And then, Ideas Engineering Works sets up initial water treatment framework at such a low cost.

ETP plant of best yarn manufacturer and supplier in Surat

ETP plant of best yarn manufacturer and supplier in Surat

We tend to see that the era of industrial sewage treatment plant is overbearing due to the rapid improvement of various initiatives. It has many toxic outcomes which contaminate the general climate. Therefore, the natural guidelines suggests that each of the industrial units to establish an effluent treatment plant to control the immediate influx of untreated sewage into the water bodies. And so, we have established ETP in every corner of the country where our company has plant. Surat is no exception, we are using ETP to produce more yarns.

Usage of Industrial ETPs

: Here, are examples of some various industries which need to implant Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) to decontaminate the waste water before it gets released:

  • Food and handling ventures
  • Drug industry
  • Material and Paper ventures
  • Automobile businesses
  • Material and colour industry
  • Dairy and Beverage ventures

Our company, Ideas Engineering Workshas hazardous waste control and a water conservation training program. We have an ETP plant that consists of two streams. In the first stream, we collect the high COD process water (maximum up to 30,000) from the CP (Continuous Polymer) plant and convert it to 8,000 to 10,000 COD by providing an extraction tower (steam driven). Where the COD of the water drops to 2000 to 3000 COD and the water transfers the second ETP stream. Where other organic and inorganic matter is converted into simple matter. And the COD content, chloride content and other parameters are kept within the limits.

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Effluent Treatment Plant In Surat - Dealers & Traders

Effluent Treatment Plant In Surat - Dealers & Traders

Ideas Engineering Works is the best water plant dealers in Kolkata. It also the number oneETP dealers and traders in Surat, Kolkata, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Eastern Region of India. We have implemented ETPs & STPs for large residential complexes, offices of multinational corporations, hospitals, schools, residential projects and wherever you just name them. Sewage treatment plants are of different kinds depending on the type of sewage.

This is the general cleaning course. Idea EngineeringWorks are identified with a long work history. We are dealing in WTP,STP, ETP for two decades now. We also have been expanding our factories across the continent for a long time. We have been fortunate to grow its client base since its inception amidst the multiple adverse circumstances and dangers.

You can simply contact us at our email address and we are just a phone call away. We always try to serve you door to door and communicate with you directly to solve your water problems. Ideas Engineering Works is a leading company that has the ability to satisfy its customers across India. We provide our services at reasonable cost and without hesitation in quality. In this way, here we serve you the necessary effluent treatment plant which would be helpful in cleaning the polluted water.

Top 30 Effluent Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Surat

The effluent treatment plant is a very important and profitable business in large public markets. Idea EngineeringWorks are receiving applications from various states in the country just like Surat. Starting from Kolkata we have been manufacturing ETPs water treatment plants in all over India right now.

It is very good. It can be said that the effluent treatment plants are associated with various businesses. You can benefit from aeffluent treatment plant depending on your accommodation. Hence, this is considered as one of the major elements that contribute to improving the well-being of people.To get clean water is a problem and a life cycle that goes through different means that allow you to work on it. Water is treated with a large number of modern methods with the aim of maintaining the credibility of the wastewater treatment plants.

In this sense, it is an important aspect that should be widely followed and which now requires customer follow-up at different levels.

By following these things,Ideas Engineering Workssuppose to help you and ensure that the best care is given to people in the most ideal way.We tend to see the era of industrial sewage dominate due to the fast pace of living hours. Products that produce their own specific mixture of poisons affect the general climate incredibly.

Therefore, natural guidelines have guided each of the industrial units to implement a sewage treatment plant to control the immediate influx of untreated sewage into the water bodies. With the help of ETP, the raw sewage water that surrounds us is treated and transformed into drinking water. Therefore, the importance of ETP plants can be considered as one of the most important entities to achieve prosperity in terms of water purification.

ETP, STP Waste Water Treatment Plant Surat

The water treatment plants in Surat was one of the major factors that would be helpful in transporting the best possible clear water out of sewage. The sewage treatment plant, effluent treatment plant and WWTPspasses through a group of air circulation, sedimentation and clear water discharge where gravity is used to isolate particles from the sewage.

Effluent treatment plant: ETP stands for a effluent treatment plant. It is useful for treating wastewater from companies. ETP is used to treat huge amounts of water that comes out in front of businesses. The significance of ETP is –

  • It helps in decreasing the cost of off-site treatment.
  • Use of water engaged in the cycle due to unnecessary means is eliminated.
  • Contamination of public water bodies is completely eliminated.

ETP is attempted to be a practical technique and in this way it tends to be used without any problems. Water treatment is carried out in the best way and therefore also contributes to climate management. ETP plants, unlike STP plants, are mounted only in modern regions so that the water in modern regions is treated all around.


Sewage Treatment Plant: STP stands for Sewage Treatment Plant. The sewage treatment plant helps to clean the water by treating it with fundamental methods that would reduce the contamination of the water. This is a viable angle that can be helpful in ensuring that the water is clean for better use. Benefits of STP –

  • Eliminate possible infections.
  • The treatment of odors occurs in the best way.
  • Solids are separated faster.
  • No water load is formed.

This is one of the best ways in which water can be treated. Odor treatment is carried out and the water is made clean for potential end use. STP systems can be extensively redone and from now on this is considered as the key variable which helps to work on water treatment.

Waste Water Treatment Plant: WWTP stands for Waste Water Treatment Plan. Water treatment is seen as a process that makes it possible to work on the nature of the water and, subsequently, to make it consumable for better end use. Modern sewage treatment framework is helpful to stay away from harmful climate system and human well-being. Productive and highly planned water treatment plants should have the ability to tackle some of the associated angles. How it is done –

  • The variety of interactions in contamination and flow.
  • The variety of water science needs and changes in the volumes of compounds required.
  • Potential changes in pre-wastewater conditions.

The specific parts of the wastewater treatment plants are based on the wastewater characterization that is identified with the administrative requirements issued by the plant. Then, Ideas Engineering Works first set up a framework for water treatment at such a low cost.

ETP plant - ETP system Manufacturer from Surat

ETP plant - ETP system Manufacturer from Surat

You talk about best effluent treatment plant services in Surat, you simultaneously utterIdeas Engineering Works.We are the best ETP manufacturers in Assam, West Bengal, people down the hall Eastern India. We are one of the leading effluent treatment plant manufacturers in Surat. We, Ideas Engineering Works vow to provide you based water purifier service in Surat as well as all over India. We also provide reverse osmosis plants and iron removal plants door to door at very low price.


Frequently Asked Questions

Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) Manufacturer textile industries

Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) have been installed and are operational in many industrial districts across India. They reduce effluent treatment costs, provide better collective treatment and reduce land costs for small industrial plants

That cannot be afford by individual treatment plants. When you are in an industrial sector, you have to be careful about waste water management. The industries are growing and developing rapidly. Along with that harmful pollutants/elements are get disposed in the environment more and more.Which cause serious environmental hazards, especially water pollution which is of great concern and also generates more waste. And so it is very much necessary to bound up the usage of hazardous elements in textile industries. Because the waste water from the textile or clothing industry goes into water bodies and harm them. It only can be treated by setting up an common effluent treatment plants. It also has several benefits such as –

  • It can ensure compliance with environmental standards and regulations.
  • Recycle/convert wastewater into clean, reusable water.
  • Best way to reduce waste from your textile factory.
  • Beneficial to the environment as it removes harmful pollutants/contaminants.
  • The whole system is maintained very efficiently which will help you save money in the long run.

1. What are ETP plants?

Effluent treatment plant, also known as ETP, is another type of wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) used to treat wastewater. It is mainly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, textiles and chemicals where extreme water contamination is possible. The effluent treatment plant plays an important role in the treatment of industrial wastewater and domestic wastewater.

2. What is difference between STP and ETP?

Effluent treatment plant can be a system that removes toxic and non-toxic materials from water and makes it usable for various purposes. The sewage treatment plantremoves contaminants from municipal wastewater or domestic wastewater. ETP is used in industrial areas while STP cleans domestic water.

3. Which chemical is used in ETP plant?

The chemicals which are mainly used in effluent treatment plant are - Poly Aluminum Chloride Liquid, Cationic Polyelectrolyte Powder, Poly Aluminum Chloride Powder, Caustic Soda Lye, Caustic Soda Flakes and Anionic Polyelectrolyte. Apart from these they also use pH neutralizers, anti-foaming agents, coagulants and flocculants.

4. What is the full form of STP & ETP?

STP stands for Sewage Treatment Plant. It is mainly used in domestic purposes for clearing raw sewage. ETP stands for aeffluent treatment plant. ETP is used to treat huge amounts of water that is needed in various type of industries.

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