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Double Pass RO Plant - Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Ideas Engineering Works falls among one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Double RO Water Treatment Plant. Our Double RO Plant for Drinking Water Treatment for Commercial use promises durability with absolute quality. Not only this, but we also ensure the quality of production with reduced energy consumption and enhanced efficiency.

We provide higher quality products with reduced and managed expenses. We provide a guarantee of our product’s proper functioning for at least one year. We promise the product’s quality, performance, and longevity. Customized or requested designs can also be engineered, designed, and implemented. We assure customer satisfaction and ensure production quality at all levels.

This is one of the nest manufacturers who has been manufacturing ETP Plant, STP plant, Packaged drinking water plant, Packaged mineral water plant , RO plant and Iron removal plant .the organisation has been manufacturing these plants so that the best quality of water is delivered to the people.

Double Pass RO Plant Manufacturer in Kolkata India

How do drinking water treatment plants work?

Drinking water from the river, pond, and other water bodies which come into the water treatment plants are filtered through various water treatment processes, like coagulation followed by aeration, then filtration, and finally disinfection. Drinking water is necessarily treated in drinking water treatment plants before arriving at your taps and other sources.

Drinking-Water Treatment Processes

In a Double Pass Water Treatment Plant, the majority of processes are carried out using two consecutive semi-membrane separation processes. Techniques implemented in these plants are:

  • Pressure is increased on the saline or impure side of the membrane using a high-pressure pump.
  • Then water is forced through the semi-permeable membrane, forcing it to leave behind almost all the dissolved salts and impurities.

A double pass reverse osmosis plant may be used for the removal of contaminants to make wastewater fit for drinking in the household or industrial sectors.

Public Water Systems

A public water treatment system provides an effective solution in providing filtered water to consumers. The Double Pass RO systems when used in this unit produces high-quality permeate since it passes through consecutive membranes to produce drinking water.

What are the types of RO Plants?

The three possible classifications of RO plants can be:

  • Plant to establish Desalination System
  • Plant to establish Brackish Water System
  • Plant to establish Water Treatment Plants

Here we use the double pass reverse osmosis technique to achieve pure water fit for drinking.

What are the stages of osmosis?

The process followed in osmosis of water involves Sedimentation followed by Sand filtration, then Membrane and finally ion exchange are sequentially performed. Double Pass RO Treatment Plants can be classified depending upon the type of water it treats.

What is Permeate Water?

Double Pass RO Water Filtration System plant gives quick solutions for contaminated wastewater treatment. Their treated desalinated, demineralized, and deionized water which is an outcome of RO Plant is termed as permeated water.

RO Plant

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Double Pass Reverse Osmosis System - Two-Stage RO Water

Double Pass Reverse Osmosis System - Two-Stage RO Water

Our promising employees essentially form an integral part of our firm’s assets, being sound with practical experience alongside theoretical knowledge of the machine’s working. We are famous for Double Pass Reverse Osmosis System production at a larger scale.

Apart from drinking water treatment plants we also provide consultancy services. In a way, we are promoting waste management and utilization of one of the most important natural resources at risk of depletion is water. Measures for purification are necessary because of the shortage of pure groundwater available from natural resources.

Two-Pass RO System

We provide the most efficient portable reverse osmosis systems. One of which is the two-pass water treatment plants, which ensure filtration with the lowest cost. Cost is curtailed as we optimize production costs by merging the elements of utmost necessity. But the quality is never compromised as we provide only the best materials for the purification of drinking water.

Difference between Single-Pass and Double Pass Systems

This revolutionary idea for industrial or household use which is double pass reverse osmosis systems are made to perfectly working efficiently in purifying water to make it fit for drinking. Water to be purified is passed through two consecutive membranes, whereas in single pass systems water is passed only through one membrane.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Systems

Double Pass reverse osmosis plants ensure the removal of any sort of harmful contaminants from drinking water. It makes the water clean and safe by nullifying any sort of:

  • Any type of microbes like bacteria and viruses.
  • Any harmful chemicals like Lead, Arsenic, Nitrates, Mercury, etc.

Industrial Ro Water System

The unit consists of double-pass reverse osmosis (RO) technology and can be transported easily to produce high-quality drinking water at a low cost. The system has multiple applications. And is powerful enough to filter harmful microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria like Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and other suspended solids.

Double pass wastewater treatment systematically treats the wastewater through biological methods and membranous bioreactors to obtain fresh water from the fed wastewater. Double Pass RO systems consist of instruments like process pumps, valves, and controls.

The main features provided are:

  • a) Durability provided by the strong structure.
  • b) Reverse Osmosis Systems used for filtration.
  • c) Highest quality of filtered water due to double permeation.
  • d) Guarantee of devices is ensured for at least a year.
  • e) Reduction in cost.
  • f) Reduction in energy consumption.

Our products are made under the supervision of highly experienced employees. The materials used for manufacturing the plants are tested multiple times before deploying them to use.

Reverse Osmosis Single & Double Pass Systems Packaged Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Reverse Osmosis Single & Double Pass Systems

Reverse osmosis is a common process to purify saline or contaminated water by forcing it through a partially permeable membrane to separate ions, larger molecules of impurities, and larger particles from drinking water. The thermodynamic parameter of osmotic pressure in reverse osmosis, which is the potential difference of the solvents, is overcome by an applied pressure that acts in the opposite direction.

The basic mechanism involved in single pass osmosis increasing the pressure on the saline or impure side of the membrane using a high-pressure pump, to force the water through the semi-permeable membrane, so that it leaves behind almost all the dissolved salts and impurities. A reverse osmosis plant may be used for desalination, wastewater treatment, removal of contaminants, and the reclamation of dissolved minerals. Hence, the R.O plants designed, are firm and provides mobility apart from the other salient features.

Double pass Reverse Osmosis system feeds the first stage of permeated water into a second R.O unit in order to produce even more purified water. This form of purification ensures a greater level of efficiency by rejecting greater amounts of dissolved solids from the original impure content. The solution is to be pre-treated before passing it through two consecutive layers of semipermeable membranes. This comes in handy when water recovery through purification is desired at a higher level. The two consecutive semipermeable layers effectively purify the contaminated water and maximize purification to a greater percentage.

RO System For Industrial Use

We also transport our manufactured plants at the cheapest rate in all parts of India. The cost of transportation is guaranteed to be lower than any other manufacturing Industry. We also provide the best price of RO plants at the lowest price providing the best possible double pass filtration.

Why do we need RO Plant?

  • a) The alarming rise of groundwater contamination.
  • b) Salination of water.
  • c) Need for treatment of Wastewater.
  • d) Reclamation of dissolved water from minerals.
  • e) Concentration of contaminants.

Why Mobile RO Plant?

  • a) Easy to operate.
  • b) Reduced space consumption.
  • c) Compact.
  • d) Durable.
  • e) Efficient performance in water filtration.

Why us?

  • a) Customer satisfaction is ensured.
  • b) Best Quality of Double Pass RO plant is manufactured.
  • c) Guarantee of performance with a certain span of time.
  • d) Cost reduction.
  • e) Increased efficiency for best filtration.
  • f) Time constraint is kept in mind while manufacturing.

Double Pass Reverse Osmosis System


The demand for dynamic and user-friendly equipment has given rise to the development of a supremely efficient drinking water treatment system . Hence, we came up with the idea of serving our customers with a double pass reverse osmosis system. Moreover, the need for transportation of massive amounts of fresh water to eliminate expenses of the large storage wells at water treatment sites gave rise to mobile plants which add to other features.

RO System for Home

Apart from thinking about Industrial sectors, we also fetch RO Plants for households. Clean and safe drinking water is also needed for homes to remain fit and healthy. The systems we develop will definitely match the requirements since the customer’s suggestion is taken at each level. Direct communication with the manufacturing team and the producers allow for complete and proper subjugation of the products.

RO System for Home

We make Double Pass RO Systems as per customer requirements and specifications. We also produce systems that can filter larger volumes of water within a small span of time. Our team of expert manufacturers, project managers, and client service providers are always here to help. We aspire to help you get the required filtration and separation system for manufacturing and installing facilities that confidently and measurably perform as per promise.

Under Sink RO System

We also manufacture Under Sink RO Systems. The systems are user friends and effective. The product is widely appreciated by our customers as it consumes less space and provides a wider range of functionality. We assure product delivery within the calculated span of time.

ISI Packaged Mineral Water Plant in Kolkata

Double RO System manufacturers & suppliers - Made-in India

Brand Ideas Engineering Works
Application Water Purification for Drinking
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic
Water Source Borewell Water, River Water, and others
Inlet Flow Rate (cubic meter/hour) 2000 cubic meter/hour, 5000 cubic meter/hour, 10000 cubic meter/hour
Installation Type Installation Type
Condition New
Manufacturing Lead Time Maximum 30 Days
Number Of Membranes In RO Two Membranes / Depends on the capacity of the plant
Installation/Civil Work Prefabricated / Installation Available

RO System Suppliers

Double RO Water Treatment Plants are easy to manage and use. We manufacture the best quality RO systems. This system consists of multiple parts including chlorination, de-chlorination, pressure sand filter, and other counterparts. The product can be used in multiple industrial sectors as well as household sectors. It completely eliminates turbidity and other harmful elements as well as microbes from drinking water without altering its nature to make it fit for drinking.

Double Pass RO Conductivity

Double Pass RO filtered water has a conductivitylower than 2 µS/cm because the majority of the dissolved contaminants are removed by double pass filtration. This conductivity is a test for checking the quality of water. With extensive industry experience and testing in the field of Filtration Systems, we have found multiple water treatment methods among which Double Pass Reverse Osmosis stands out to be the best. We necessarily test the performance of all the applications before actually deploying them to produce successful results.

We manufacture filtration systems to assist in several purposes and reduce the cost spent to produce pure water. Numerous assistances provided by a double pass reverse osmosis system are:

  • Double Pass RO Systems are easy to use, operate, and maintain.
  • Appropriate for Tap water production.
  • Systems arecompact, comprising Double Reverse Osmosis technology
  • Highly charged deionization resins are used to produce high-quality water.
  • Effective filtration through membranes removes all types ofwater contaminants.
  • Maintenance of membrane is easier due to the presence of manual flushing systems.
  • Designed to consume less space.
  • The membranes are pre-treated to prevent scaling formation.

Ideas Engineering Works manufacture water plants and wastewater treatment systems by engineering them to be a multi-purpose factory-built package with complete internal piping, and wiring systems.
Because of this, the double pass water filtration systemsare highly beneficial. Provides a wider range of services with compact spaces. Their enhanced purification system provides a solution for water consumption for the masses. The plants are easy to use, durable and scales do not form in them.

RO Plant Process

Chemical contamination in water due to industrial sectors has become one of the major reasons for water pollution. Drinking water has been receiving similar setbacks. A solution to this widespread problem is water treatment through RO Plants. which needs immediate attention. We are here to assist you in removing contamination from drinking water.

We promote the purification of water to ensure it to be good for health. Our systems are equipped with automatic cleaning techniques to avoid scaling of the devices. Our double pass RO Plants perfectly removes harmful chemicals and restore the fed contaminated water to its pure form. Non-detectable components are also removed by using these RO Filtration Systems.

What is RO Plant?

Reverse osmosis is a well-accepted process to purify impure or contaminated water by forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane to separate ions, larger molecules of impurities, and larger particles from the fed water to make it fit for drinking.

What are the 5 stages of Reverse Osmosis?

  • Pre-filter Sedimentation.
  • Pre-filter Carbonation
  • Carbonation followed by filtration.
  • Storage after final processes of filtration.

RO Plant Working Principle

RO water treatment systems normally include several components which need to be technically handled, like dissolved air filtration, walnut shell filter, chemical management stations, pump stations, control valves, and a whole lot of other instruments and automation devices.

RO Plant Details

RO Plants are deployed to purify a wider range of wastewater produced from different sources. Double pass RO plants are specifically implemented in producing pure drinking water. RO systems are used in industries and household sectors

ETP RO Plant Process

Effluent Treatment Plants use physio-Chemical treatment methods followed by sand filtration, adsorption through activated charcoal treatment, chemical oxidation through ozonization, reverse osmosis, and evaporation, as and when required.

RO Plant Flow Diagram

The major steps involved in reverse osmosis plants are depicted in the diagram given below:

Single Pass Ro System

We are a company of RO Plant manufacturers working to make the quality and standards of lives better by improving the quality of water. Single-pass reverse osmosis is a common process to purify saline or contaminated water by forcing it through a partially permeable membrane to separate ions, larger molecules of impurities, and larger particles from drinking water.

The quality of water is thoroughly checked via multiple factors, like the conductivity of water. Moreover, we organize training sessions for our employees so as to equip them with the knowledge to handle new technology that is to be used to enhance the manufacturing and production processes.

Single Pass RO Plants provide many advantages like:

  • Single Pass RO Plants provide many advantages like:
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Reduces expenses.
  • Reduces space.
  • Reduces health risks by water consumption.

With Single or Double Pass Reverse Osmosis Systems being one of the integral parts of controlling the production and engineering processes, the end product is of highquality and pure from all types of contaminants.

Water Purification System Description, Types, Processes

Water purification can be defined as the physical or chemical or biological process of purifying water to remove all its impurities. Steps of water filtration might involve processes like filtration, sedimentation, distillation, and others.

The most efficient method of filtration that we use is reverse osmosis. Our RO Plants are deployed over many industrial and household sectors. The level of efficiency and interaction that we provide throughout the process minimizes requirement errors, installation costs, and resource utilization required in the field of production of Double Pass RO Water Plant Service that commissions an enthusiastic operation system. We manufacture a wider range of RO Plants.


RO Plants use the technique of reverse osmosis through a semi-permeable membrane to removeall unwanted contaminants, suspended impurities, abolishodor, reduces hardness in the water to produce soft water, and delivers clear contaminant-free water which will be fit for drinking. The quality of water is promising.


Water Purification Systems can be classified into multiple types depending on the method they implement in the process of filtration. The types are:

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Sedimentation Systems
  • Activated Carbon Systems
  • Ultra Violet Systems
  • Ultra Filtration Systems


Water filtration can be done in three major ways:

  • Physical processes like filtration, sedimentation, and distillation.
  • Biological processes like sand filtration, carbon filtration, etc.
  • Chemical processes flocculation, chlorination, etc.

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Double Pass Reverse Osmosis Diagram / 2 Pass RO System Diagram

We treat the wastewater released from several industries and factories and make them fit to reuse in other sectors and even for drinking. The customers greatly appreciate our durability, ease of operation, low maintenance, optimum efficiency, thermal stability, low working cost, and energy-efficient design.

Nanofiltration Systems

  • Reduce the use of groundwater or freshwater.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Water from multiple sources is treated.
  • Reduce storage needs.
  • Multiple Turn-key operations.
  • Double Pass RO treatment removes contaminants.
  • Meet all water quality requirements.
  • Makes the water fit for drinking.

Double Pass Reverse Osmosis System Diagram

Given below is the diagram of an industrial reverse osmosis system:

Double Pass Reverse Osmosis Working

The steps involved in water filtration by a double pass reverse osmosis system are:

  • Removing turbidity through a sand filter.
  • Disinfection of fed water by chlorination.
  • Softening of hard water.
  • Passing the water through two reverse osmosis membranes.
  • Scaling inhibition.
  • De-chlorination
  • Removal of suspended particles.

Double Pass Reverse Osmosis System Chile 12000 GPD

The impact of pollutants on water quality has seen massive growth in the past few decades. The world has seen a loss of reliability in groundwater, due to its exploitation. Pollution released from sewages or from industrial and household sectors has adversely affected aquatic life apart from human life. Not only that, but it has also aided in a reduction in efficiency of farmlands, and endangered public health.

As a result, we utilize double pass seawater reverse osmosis systems to provide pure and clean drinking water. We can also deploy such systems in Chile and other countries all over the world. We purify water to produce its purest form for drinking, to achieve this purpose of removing high chloride levels in the feed water we use double pass reverse osmosis filters.

Double stage RO ultrapure Water Purification System

Best Commercial Water Purification in India

Keeping in mind the cutting-edge technology and new research work in the field of double pass RO plants,we incorporate them into our manufactured products.

How long does a reverse osmosis system last?

A reverse osmosis system might last for a lifetime, but the semi-permeable membrane needs to be serviced at regular intervals of about two years.

Efficient RO Plants

Our 2 pass ro systems have everything you need, starting from automatically cleaning up and reusing produced water, saving time, labor, and costs of water transportation.

Manufacturing Units of RO Plants

All the units are built and tested within our facility offering the highest level of quality and operation to ensure customer satisfaction.

Best Customer Services

Systems are available according to customer's requirements. Reduced capital investment that could fit into your operational budget. Our system provides extreme or ultra levels of filtration.

Reverse Osmosis Calculation Example

If we take the feed flow to be 200 gpm and the permeate flow to be 50 gpm, then the recovery percentage is calculated as: (50/200) x 100 = 25%

Double Pass Reverse Osmosis System Philippines 72000

The effects of pollutants on water quality have been seen exponential in the past few decades. We can deploy such systems in the Philippines and other countries all over the world. We purify water to produce its purest form for drinking, to achieve this purpose of removing high chloride levels in the feed water we use double pass reverse osmosis filters.

The world has seen a loss of reliability in groundwater, due to its exploitation. Pollution released from sewages or from industrial and household sectors has adversely affected aquatic life apart from human life. We also provide guarantees on our Produced Water Treatment Recovery Systems. The different types of RO Plant Systems are:

  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Desalination System
  • Brackish Water System

Ideas Engineering Works is committed to mitigating issues and adding value to the water treatment industry through the introduction of advanced double pass reverse osmosis systems deployed for producing the highest grade of drinking water.

Double Ro System China Trade,Buy China Direct From Kolkata

Our team of experts having extensive knowledge will assist you in the creation of a custom solution that fits the customer’s needs and helps reduce costs while fracking. Our team of experts will continue to provide assistance down the road with any service needed for the production of the best quality systems.

We trade in India as well as in other countries. We would be obliged to establish international relationships with advanced countries like China. We make no exceptions in the quality of our manufactured products. We ensure the best quality of products with the best quality of materials. We base at Kolkata providing services all over the world for decades.


We provide the best Double Pass RO Drinking Water Treatment Plant, with promising performance, guarantee for at least a year. Here, you will get supreme quality mobile RO Plants for Commercial use at the lowest price and minimum transportation cost. Our highly experienced group of employees ensure power consumption management, expense management, as well as maintenance. We also provide efficient consultancy services for RO Water Treatment plant production businesses.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the RO plant work?

The process of reverse osmosis takes place in RO Plants. The process of Reverse osmosis generally purifies or desalinates contaminated water by forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane along with several other processes of filtration.

2. What is the RO process?

The process used in RO systems works by forcing the water through a semi-permeable membrane to filter contaminated water. The water treatment plants use the method of reverse osmosis to make wastewater fit for use.

3. Is RO good for plants?

The RO plants are deployed to improve the quality of water to make them fit for multiple uses. Excess RO water plants can be used to water plants as well. But it is better to mix it with tap water since RO purified water contains a higher amount of dissolved salts which might be harmful to plants.

4. What is double pass reverse osmosis?

A Double Pass Reverse Osmosis System filters water by forcing the water through a semi-permeable membrane twice. The once filtered water is fed to another reverse osmosis system to achieve a higher scale of water purification.

5. What is double RO?

Double Pass Ro basically provides the highest grade of purification by feeding contaminated water twice through semi-permeable membranes. and makes wastewater fit for human consumption. This is of great help because of the current situation of the drinking water crisis. This can be considered to be a case of waste management as well.

6. How many types of RO plants are there?

RO Plants can be categorized into three general types, which are:

  • Desalination systems
  • Brackish Water Purification systems
  • Wastewater treatment systems

7. How do I add a second tank to my reverse osmosis system?

A second tank can be added to an existing reverse osmosis system by adding a second tube with a T-connector to the tank. The newly added tank will now work to increase efficiency. For further details, contact us today!

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