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Domestic Water Purifier Machine Manufacturer in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Influencing our vast domain of expertise, we make Water Purification Machines available to our highly esteemed and revered customers. These machines are suitable for industrial as well as household usage purposes owing to their very high performance coupled with their purification capacity.

Our Water Purification Machine is developed following new and highly effective technological standards, these purification machines function most efficiently to purify water under all circumstances. These machines are easy to install and handle, our customers greatly appreciate these machines because of their performance, durability, and capacity. We are also well known for our customer service facilities.

This is one of the nest manufacturers who has been manufacturing ETP Plant, STP plant, Packaged drinking water plant, Packaged mineral water plant , RO plant and Iron removal plant .the organisation has been manufacturing these plants so that the best quality of water is delivered to the people.

Double Pass RO Plant Manufacturer in Kolkata India

Domestic Water Purifiers

We manufacture our Domestic Water Purifiers using the best quality of raw materials that are durable and long-lasting. We keep in mind all our user’s requirements allowing them to actually design their product, where we’ll just be implementing the design.

World’s Best RO Purifier

We ensure customer absolute involvement in each step while developing the project to assure customer satisfaction and reach their desired standards. Transparent tank made of unbreakable materials prepared by food-grade plastic. Thereby, we produce the best grade of water purifiers.

Water Purification

The capacity of the storage tank to store the raw water is decided according to the customer’s requirements. Filtration capacity to produce purified water measured in liters per minute is also decided by the user. A very high maximum input water temperature is permissible

Water Purification Machines

Ultra Filtration Membrane of about 0.1 Microns is used to conduct the Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic filtration through the Membrane. Our membranes are long-lasting, thus having better-expected longevity providing better performance.

Home Water Purifier Machine

Purification is mainly performed by the hollow fiber of ultra filtering semi-permeable membrane. Later, nano-silver carbon is used to provide better disinfection of water. No harmful chemicals like Chlorine, Bromine, or Iodine are used for purification treatment thereby providing healthier and tastier drinking water.

Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Kolkata

At Ideas Engineering Works, we manufacture the best grade of pieces of machinery, with strong and durable outer built. Our machine promisingly provides the best output in the most cost-efficient manner. Contact our customer care executive to know further details about our products.

RO Plant

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Packaged Mineral Water Plant in Kolkata

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Double Pass Reverse Osmosis System - Two-Stage RO Water

Water Purification Machine at Best Price in India

We provide the best type of products that have the added features of optimum performance, easy installation, high strength, long service life, best customer care services, and low running cost. These products are available in different specifications and can be customized as per the needs of the customers within the promised time frame.

We averagely manufacture our plants within a month. Further, we also provide the entire Mineral Water or Packaged Drinking Water Plant on a Turnkey Project basis as per Indian Standard specifications and keeping in mind the customer’s requirements.

Water Purification System Manufacturer for Chennai

All our products are manufactured using only the highest grade of components keeping in mind the advanced cutting-edge technology under the guidance of a highly experienced team of professionals. We transport our products in any part of the World at the lowest expense.

Water Purification Systems in Kolkata, West Bengal

We provide a wide range of products like Water Treatment Plant, Dialysis Units for hospitals, ISI Mineral water Plant, Effluent Treatment Plants, and Blow Moulding Machines for Mineral Water Treatment Plants. We are an industrial company based in West Bengal.

Water Purifier Machine For Plant

Our machines are equipped with user-friendly interfaces build of micro-controllers, easy-to-use control panels, provided with the best conductivity meter, highly efficient flow meter, and superior quality of pressure gauge. We provide all the required pieces of machinery for developing a Water Purifier Machine.

Industrial Water Purification System

There are multiple steps of filtration involved in a Water Purifier Machine to purify greater quantities of water on a large scale. The first level of filtration consists of a combination of medium involving sand, pebbles, gravels, activated carbon. Multiple steps are performed after this to ensure absolute filtration of water. The steps involved are as follows:

  • Next in line comes an electronic diaphragm endorsed antiscalant dosing pump, which generally has the capacity of around 5 liters per hour.
  • This is implemented to avoid the formation of scales that might destroy machines that comes in contact.
  • A replaceable type pre micron cartridge filter unit is used to perform the next round of pre-filtration before the reverse osmosis technology is used.
  • A vertical multistage centrifugal type high-pressure pump is used to move the water from one zone to the other in all the different filtration departments.
  • The reverse osmosis technique is performed in the RO module which consists of a semi-permeable membrane to purify the water removing all contaminants.
  • The plant is mounted on a skid to provide mobility.
  • A type of thin-film composite spiral wound membrane is used.
  • The membranes are structured and prepared with polyamide, making it raw material.
Reverse Osmosis Single & Double Pass Systems Packaged Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Buy Water Purifiers at the best-Discounted Price on RO, UV, UF Filtration Systems

We sell our Water Purification products at the best-discounted price as compared to other companies. These systems are suitable for the purification of brackish or saline tap water or even water from a municipal supply. The capacity of purification ranges around 8 liters, which might also be increased to as high as 20 liters per hour.

A vertically mounted switch mode power supply is equipped to protect from electricity upsurge. Reverse Osmosis Membranes are compounded inside some fixed membrane structure to prevent tampering of the sensitive membranes. Highly proficient internal components to enable leak-proof and maintenance-free performance. Pre Filtration beds are also included to provide the complete system.

UF Filter can filter around 4000 liters of water within a period of about 6 months (It may decrease if water is not good), Sediment filter after use of three months, Carbon Filter after use of three months need servicing to increase its performance.

Home water purifier Machine Manufacturer for Chennai

Which Indian company makes water purifiers?

  • The added advantages provided by our machines include their reliability and efficiency.
  • Moreover we provide added and easy installation services.
  • The machines have a robust and tensile outer built which adds to their efficacy.
  • Most importantly, our machines are easy to operate with simple user interfaces.

Which brand is best for water purifiers?

  • Ideas Engineering Works is proficiently the best Water Purifier Manufacturing company in India.
  • We provide at least 1 year of guarantee on all our products.
  • We provide free servicing within the guarantee period, and at a very low expense after that.
  • We transport our high-quality products all around the world at the cheapest price.

Best Water Purifier Dealers in Chennai

  • We assure to be the best grade of dealer for all places because of our low-cost manufactured products.
  • Even though the cost is reduced, the quality is never compromised.
  • Only the best category of spare materials is used to manufacture the machines.
  • Product designed and developed by a highly experienced team of employees.

Water Purifier - Exporters from India

RO Water Solution

The offered machines are widely used for industries requiring Mineral Water Plants, Water Softening Plants, Packaged Drinking Water Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Mineral Water Treatment Plants, Double Pass RO Plant, and Water Packing Machines like Bottle Filling Machines, Jar Washing Machines, Mobile RO Plant, PET Blow Molding Machines. Contact our customer care executive to get further details about the quotations.

Water Purifier Machine For Commercial Purposes

Multiple purification processes can be used, but Reverse Osmosis provides the best result without making use of any harmful chemicals. This system removes all sorts of dissolved harmful impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides, and fluorides, and removes even minute microorganisms like bacteria and viruses to make water pure and suitable for consumption. These water treatment systems keep purified water pure for a longer duration, which may be bottled and filtered for mass consumption for commercial purposes

Water Purification Systems for Household Purposes

Completely automatic, semi-automatic, or manual operation controls are provided for our customers. The automatic grades and enhanced with auto-on and auto-off functionality, ensuring that users do not run out of pure water. Microprocessor-controlled operation is implemented to enhance the purity and long life or tenure of the product. Our products are also suitable for household purposes efficiently taking care of domestic needs for water.

RO Water Purifier - Exporters

Our Purification System provides a higher quantity of extremely fresh, clean, and better-tasting water easily at home. We provide the vision to our customers to save money, other constraints like time, and the trouble of buying expensive, bottled mineral water for regular consumption. The pH level of the water is balanced along with the RO+UV+UF Filtration.

ISI Packaged Mineral Water Plant in Kolkata

Water Purifier Machine - Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers

  • Automatic
  • Brand Ideas Engineering Works
    Usage/Application Industry or Household
    Water Storage Capacity Depends on the user’s requirement
    Type Of Purification Plants Reverse Osmosis
    Material Stainless Steel
    Water Source Borewell Water, River Water or from any other source
    Automation Grade Automatic, Semi-Automatic, or Manual
    Motor 2 kW
    Voltage 220
    Max Water Recovery Rate 75%
    Number Of Membranes In Ro 1 (for single-pass reverse osmosis)
    Control Panel
    Minimum Order Quantity 1

    Features :

    • Raw Water Pump is used to draw the water into the plant from the water source or collection tank to perform purification.
    • Equipped with Pressure Sand Filters consisting of Activated carbon which works within a vessel applying vertical pressure.
    • Piping and fitting of valves are done to make a connection between the raw water pump and the raw water containing tank to produce out purified water in the water storage tank.

    Water purifier machine for home

    We provide ideal and perfectly suitable machines for the initial and severe levels of water purification to provide safe and pure water for drinking. The pure water is further dosed with added minerals to add to its quality and taste as well.

    • We also provide consultancy services to our customers which include gathering ISI, FASSI, MSME, ISO certification.
    • We provide a guarantee of at least 1 year or more, depending upon the category of the product.
    • Our Water purification products come with a user manual, desirable guarantee period, and very efficient service facilities.
    • TDS control system allows adjustment of the level of total dissolved salts in purified water which retains essential natural minerals in drinking water.
    • We are a highly esteemed manufacturing company based in West Bengal, India.
    • Apart from producing mobile plants, we also manufacture wall-mounted water treatment plants designed to perfectly suit domestic purposes. We provide compact
    • Product dimensions are decided according to the requirements of the customers.

    The energy or power consumption is about 60 watts only with an operating voltage of around 250 volts. The energy and space consumption is also taken care of while our product is developed.

    Buy water purifier machine For Clean Drinking Water

    Water Purifier Machine For Home

    An advanced Total Dissolved Salt regulator is equipped with a lightweight and elegant purification system, which comes with a reverse osmosis system where the taste of water can as well be adjusted according to the water source.

    Water Purifiers & Dispensers

    We are one of the most trusted companies, depended upon by people all around the country, and the most preferred brand. We completely assure the production of safe drinking water for millions of individuals.

    Water Purifiers

    In our company, we understand the significance of safe and pure water for an improved and healthy life, and therefore we used the most advanced basic (added mineral to increase the basicity) technology with Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet, Ultra Filtration, and Total Dissolved Salts controller.

    Water Filter Machine For Business Price

    Water purification systems work to purify up to 2000 TDS as per measurements, (the sources can be Borewell water, corporation water, and water from other units) from where we require to remove TDS. To get more details on the price, contact our customer care executive.

    Water Purifier Online

    We provide our customers with the ultimate satisfaction by giving them the best kind of products built with the best grade of spare parts. Our added features include our well-furnished services, guarantee and managing the best installing and customer care facilities.

    Best Water Purifier For Home

    An increased acidic nature in bodily fluids points to a weak immune system, and increased basicity in the bodily fluids indicates some other health issues in the body, therefore, one needs to maintain the pH level in their body so that can easily ward off illness and prevent disease.

    Wide Range of RO System - RO Plant Supplier in India

    Majorly the water supplied to the households for consumption is hard water and it means that the home water contains a relatively high amount of total dissolved solids. TDS in water is basically the inorganic salts such as calcium, bicarbonates, magnesium, chlorides, potassium, sodium, and sulfates.

    We provide the best water purifier which efficiently removes all of the inorganic compounds by making use of a RO (reverse osmosis) system. A semi-permeable membrane’s pore size is around 0.0005 micron, which makes it impossible for the dissolved solid particles to pass through it and come with the output of the filtration system.

    The major types of water contaminants are:

    • Highly contaminated water contains heavy metals ions like lead, magnesium, copper, arsenic, and iron, which are highly toxic if consumed in larger quantities.
    • Because of the increase in the number of industrial sectors and the growth of advancing infrastructure, the number of metal elements is found abundantly dissolved in water.
    • Nitrate contamination is also a cause of great concern.
    • Not only this, but the increased water contamination is also a result of agriculture which is a necessity for the presently growing population.
    • After performing reverse osmosis, the dissolved particles and suspended molecules or impurities are completely removed, therefore reverse osmosis systems are the best to perform water filtration.
    • Other than reverse osmosis filters, another feasible filter can be an ultraviolet (UV) filter, in which the water is basically disinfected.
    • In an UltraViolet filtration system, the harmful microorganisms present in the contaminated water cannot further multiply because of the radiation treatment done by using the UV lamp.
    • Users can also look for an RO-based UV purifier.
    • One other way of absolute water purification is the functionality combination of reverse osmosis and an ultraviolet filtering method termed as an ultra-filter (UF) system.
    • This system completely removes all sorts of suspended bacteria and gives the best outcome when the supplied water is free from TDS.
    • For areas having high TDS content, there are also certain grades of Reverse Osmosis systems consisting of mineral cartridges.

    Water filter machine for business price

    Is RO water harmful?

    Water obtained from the RO filtration process has a low pH value. Long-term consumption of low pH water has proven to show destructive health effects such as increasing the risk of kidney-related disorders and gastrointestinal diseases.

    Which water is best for drinking?

    Water Purification Systems can be classified into multiple types depending on the method they implement in the process of filtration. The types are:

    Similar to distilled water, purified water is as well a great option if the closest drinking water source is contaminated. Many countries facing a shortage of pure drinking water to purify tap water for consumption. In comparison, basically purified drinking water is definitely a good option and perfectly suitable for consumption.

    How is TDS calculated?

    There is a wider range of ways to measure and calculate TDS in water. The simplest way is to filter the water sample, and then evaporate the filtered water at 180° Celcius in an already weighed container, do not consider the measurement until the weight of the dish remains stable. An increment in the weight of the dish depicts the TDS, and it is measured in mg/L.

    Our Related Products See

    Water filter machine plant price

    How can I check my home water TDS?

    To check TDS in water, do the following:

    • Remove the TDS measuring device’s protective cap.
    • Turn the TDS meter on to take the measurements.
    • Immerse the TDS meter into the fed water achieving the maximum immersion level (of about 2 inches).
    • Gently stir the meter in the water to remove any air bubbles.
    • Keep the meter unmoved till the reading stabilizes (approximately, 10 seconds).

    Water Filtration Plant at Best Price in India

    Along with the reverse osmosis filtration through semi-permeable membranes, it is as well necessary to technically balance the pH level of the water in a later stage, to flush excess acidity or basicity.

    • Unwanted metabolites and toxins are removed from the water at a cellular level, this purification not only enhances the quality of water but also makes the water taste better.
    • Our water treatment system comes with bigger raw as well as filtered water storage spaces.
    • The purification ensures the absolute removal of all the dissolved impurities such as chemicals and toxins, microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and salt compounds that make water unsafe for consumption.
    • Our purification systems provide pure and safe water by removing all harmful substances by performing multiple levels of filtration.
    • Our water treatment plants ensure the complete removal of the maximum amount of contaminants like arsenic, chlorine, lead, fluoride, heavy metal electrons, including microorganisms like harmful bacteria, viruses, and all other dangerous contaminants that make the water unfit and unsuitable for human consumption.

    Water Purification Plants Manufacturer for Surat

    Reverse Osmosis can even get rid of inorganic compounds and heavy metals as well, in addition to this one will need a specialized filter to kill germs and other microorganisms.

    A water purifier equipped with an ultraviolet (UV) filter not only disinfects the water but also restricts the further growth of harmful microorganisms stopping them from multiplying in the water source.

    Therefore we use a UV lamp to achieve this and one can also look for a UV filter as an addition to an ultra-filter to remove all sorts of suspended bacteria.

    This can work alone perfectly when the water supply is free from total dissolved solids.

    Water purifying machine price

    Water Quality

    Water quality is the most important thing that one needs to keep a piece of knowledge about before deciding on the water purifier for their home. The water supplied to the household is most of the time hard water, which means it contains a relatively high amount of TDS or Total Dissolved Solids.

    The TDS forms a measure of the dissolved or combined content of all harmful organic and inorganic substances present in a fluid. Their size ranges from being molecular, ionized, or micro-granular, which are dissolved in the form of a suspension. The World Health Organisation has stated a certain limit of TDS ranging in between 50-120 ppm and pH around 7 in potable water.

    Major Water Contaminants

    The inorganic salts of heavy metals include positively charged ions of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, besides having bicarbonates, chlorides, and sulfates. The highly efficient process of RO or reverse osmosis is used to get rid of these harmful inorganic compounds.

    The technique of reverse osmosis uses a semi-permeable membrane having pores around 0.0005 microns in size, which makes it impossible for all the contaminants to stay dissolved in the water. For houses having a water supply containing higher quantities of TDS then an RO water purifier appears to be a good choice.

    Water Pressure for RO Water Filter

    Another important useful factor needed to help in determining the perfect filter for household water purification is water pressure. A reverse osmosis water purifier system will work fine only when there is high water pressure.

    A pressure ranging from 5 to 40 pounds per square inch or psi is perfectly feasible for such a purification system. For the homes having low water pressure, companies suggest using an externally added booster pump attachment to the RO system. If the water supply has a low TDS quantity, one can also opt for an activated carbon water filter.

    Contamination in Water

    Another important factor to be considered while getting a new water purifier is making a note of the levels of contamination. By contamination, it is being referred to the quantity of presence of heavy positively charged metals ions such as lead, arsenic, magnesium, copper, and iron.

    In large quantities, these heavy metals do become toxic and harmful to human bodies. Industrial waste is often found to be the major source for the presence of heavy metals in drinking water.

    Water filter machine price India

    We manufacture water treatment machines and water filtration machines at the lowest price in India.

    World's Best RO Water Purifiers

    Our machines are equipped with a high-quality booster pump that provides the best performance, highly sensitive semi-permeable reverse osmosis membranes, led UV protection, ultrafiltration technologies.

    Water Purification Plants

    Apart from this, alkaline copper technology which most suitable purifies the water, all this comes enclosed in a plastic cabinet, this system is very well designed to operate to purify contaminated water having 100 to 2000 TDS ( total dissolved solids).

    Buy Water Purifiers Online

    We have been successful in providing people with safe and pure water charged and dosed with healthy and desirable mineral elements, which was our main motive.

    Buy Water Purifier online at best prices in India

    Our system models are compact, having a sleek design perfectly suitable for the customer’s beautiful home. We also manufacture customized models.

    Water Filter for Home

    With our water purification and filtration technology, the contaminated water is flushed off acidic metabolites and health-hazardous cellular level toxins, moreover, these systems also make the water taste better.

    Big Water Filter Machine Price

    Without much ado, boost your immunity with the perfectness of cooper and ultraviolet technologies coupled with reverse osmosis systems.

    Water filter machine for home price in India

    The non-electricity driven purifiers do only get rid of some of the dissolved chemicals from water, besides also removing harmful and poisonous microorganisms or germs, and sedimented particles like sand and others, but RO and UV systems promisingly remove TDS and bacteria completely from contaminated water that might cause water-borne diseases, It is mostly suggested to go for water purifiers that are completely powered by electricity.

    • Electricity has utmost importance and plays a major role when it comes to water purifiers or water treatment plants.
    • Most of the plants are electricity-driven and are highly useful for households having bad power shortages.
    • An ultraviolet (UV) filter might not work if there is no electricity, as it uses electricity to produce ultraviolet radiation that eliminates bacteria.
    • A reverse osmosis system generally does not work in the absence of electricity since it uses electric power to enable greater water pressure for the semi-permeable membrane.
    • Activated carbon purifiers are the ones which might work in the absence of electricity since it is similar to sedimentation filters and ultra-filters (UF).

    Domestic Water Purifier – Greater Discount On All Products

    Best Deals on Water Purifiers

    High Water Pressure is needed to be applied to perform Reverse Osmosis

    • The raw input or incoming water supply flow decides the type of filter that is to be used to perform the filtration.
    • A reverse osmosis system generally works properly with increased water pressure.
    • Water pressure is proportional to the elevation of the building and also depends on other factors like a blockage in pipes and clogged filter membranes.

    Domestic RO Water Purifier & Filters

    • Water purifiers majorly need a pressure of a few pounds per square inch.
    • A booster pump can also be attached with an RO system if the water supply in the household has less water pressure.
    • In other cases, the user might go for an activated carbon purifier only if the water supply has fewer TDS contents.

    Water purifier machine for commercial purposes

    • Water purifiers fall among one of the most essential appliances which are needed to be present in all households.
    • Moreover in India, this is especially true, here, the tap water is not supplied as pure or clean and sometimes even unfit for drinking.
    • We have seen how water from natural sources like rivers and lakes can get contaminated by sewage or wastes from humans, plants, animals, or even industries.
    • Because of this, a water purifier becomes one of the compulsory household devices which enable families to consume safe and pure drinkable water, which is in one-way potable water.

    Water purifier machine for business

    Commercial RO Water Filter Plant At Reliable Price

    In places all over India and other similar countries, the local authorities like municipalities add chlorine or fluorine to the groundwater for treating it.

    Reverse Osmosis Filters

    This is generally done to get rid of harmful microorganisms like viruses and bacteria.

    Water Filters for Municipalities, BDO, SDO, and Gram Panchayat

    Though the local authorities do their best, their applied techniques are generally not enough to remove all the harmful chemicals like dangerous metal ions or poisonous contaminants in the water.

    Commercial Water Filter

    Hence, it is better to get a water purifier for your household to regularly avail clean and pure drinking water at all times, these household filtration systems come with a combination of UV, UF filters, and RO (reverse osmosis) technologies.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Which Indian company makes water purifiers?

    Ideas Engineering Works is one of the vastly growing industrial companies which had deployed all its time over the last few decades to develop and provide the customers with the best grade of water treatment plants. We are loved by all our customers because of our product quality, efficiency, and great customer service.

    2. Which brand is best for water purifiers?

    Our Industrial company is also a brand that undertakes water purification-related Turnkey projects to fulfill the dreams of others who want to serve society with clean and pure drinking water.

    3. Who manufactures water filters?

    We manufacture all types of water filters which readily produce clean and pure water suitable and fit for consumption. We provide automatic, semi-automatic as well as manual types of water purification machines. We also manufacture customized machines to comply with our customer’s needs to fulfill their demands.

    4. What is the cost of a water purification plant

    The cost of water treatment plants greatly varies according to their components or spare parts. To get a detailed note on the prices of our products, contact our customer care executive now!

    5. What are the different types of water purifiers available?

    The different types of systems used for the purification of contaminated water to make them fit for the purpose of consumption are:
    • Reverse Osmosis
    • Ultra-Filtration
    • Ultraviolet Filtration
    • Activated Carbon Filter
    • Sedimentation Filter

    Will the water purifier manufacturers provide installation services for Delhi?

    Yes, we provide installation services for all our products at all places for free. We transport our products to all places at the lowest expenses. So, distance is just a number! Contact us for further details.

    7. How do I add a second tank to my reverse osmosis system?

    A second tank can be added to an existing reverse osmosis system by adding a second tube with a T-connector to the tank. The newly added tank will now work to increase efficiency. For further details, contact us today!

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